GRWM| Urban Decay x Kristen Leanne Eyeshadow Palettes

Let me tell you a funny story about the other day.

The other night I had a bad dream that involved my boyfriend. A very upsetting dream. And naturally, because my boyfriend was asleep, I couldn't express my frustrations about him in my dream to him. He wasn't awake to reassure me it was all a dream and I was just being loca. Because let's be real, it really was just a dream and I really was being loca. But alas, he was still sleeping so I went back to bed angry we couldn't talk things over. Big no no, but I was TIRED.

Can anyone else relate?

Naturally, I woke up that morning and explained my bad dream which he laughed at me for and did what any boyfriend would do, he told me it was just a dream and I was crazy. I knew he was right but sleepy grumpy Rosie still held a little grudge towards him. IT IS THE GEMINI IN ME, OKAY?!? It took me about an hour or so to get over it and he and I both went about our days at work. I went home to edit and wait for him to come home for the night.

He came home and apologized for Dream Jessy and gifted me a surprise on behalf of  "D.J" for upsetting me. It was two palettes. The two latest palettes from Urban Decay and Kristen Leanne! I almost cried tears of happiness because I was legitimately shocked by the kind gift and because I really wanted the Kaleidoscope Dream Palette.

A little more backstory to why he decided on those two palettes!

As most (some?) of you know, one of the latest trends on YouTube is "I Followed ______ Makeup Tutorial." Jessy, being the overachiever, decided he wanted to follow his own makeup tutorial. So he decided to follow Kristen Leanne husband Ryan Morgan's tutorial. This happened to be with the same palettes he bought me. So we both had the chance to enjoy them.

Want to see his video? Click here.

Moving on. I was so excited to use these palettes I recorded a video and came up with this look which you also saw in my previous post. (Read here)

I love colorful looks so much! This one was no exception. Of course I have to ask. Would you rock it? Honestly it reminded me of Beetlejuice and I wouldn't change a thing. Watch the full video on the look below.

Don't have 10 minutes to watch? Here's a mini breakdown until you do.

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So what type of looks should I post next? Let me know!



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