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Welcome to my first blog post of 2018. I've been slacking! Okay, not really, but yes. I've had so much going on. First two weeks of January I spent sick. And now I am dealing with personal family issues. Bless your soul if you are reading this and have sent condolences. You are a gem. ♥

So this year, while being an uphill battle, I decided to take on Project Pan. Project Pan dates back to..... lord knows when.... I honestly couldn't even find that well of a backstory. I found posts as old as 2011 on Beautylish and I am pretty sure it dates back further. Basically, there is a community (panning community?) that takes on the challenge of hitting pan on their makeup. Some do all face items such as blush, highlights, contours, and of course, eyeshadow palettes. The point is to finish all of a product before buying your next. As a blogger, I can't necessarily STOP buying makeup. Heck, I get new makeup sent weekly. So my challenge is FINISHING some of my makeup.

I decided to start a Project Pan 10. Some would define Pan 10 as 10 different project items such as the ones mentioned above, but I instead chose a palette with 10 pans. As you know by the title, the palette I chose was the Jeffree Star Cosmetics Beauty Killer palette. When I first decided to do this challenge, I immediately wanted to use this palette, BUT since I have an amazing family of Instagram followers and subscribers, I wanted to give them the choice. I posted a poll to my Instagram with the options of Beauty Killer and Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance. I know how extremely popular Modern Renaissance is and since I would be sharing more looks and videos with whichever palette won, I knew the MR would be a good choice.

The battle of the palettes began. Below, a photo for reference.
As some (most?) of you know, Instagram polls run for 24 hours. It became apparent that Beauty Killer would stay head of the race. It stayed pretty close, but I decided to jump the gun anyway. I had already promised my IG followers more wearable looks with the Beauty Killer palette so I decided f it. If Modern Renaissance pulled ahead, at least I would have a wearable look tut for everyone, right?

I went with my go to basic look using the Beauty Killer palette.

I was so dang impressed with how far along I had come with this particular look. It's one I've done many many times before, but I was really in my zone with this one. Full face below.

In case you're wondering, 'Rosie, how do I get this look?!?" I gotchu. Watch my full video and introduction to MY Project Pan 2018. 

I think it's possible to hit pan on this palette. It's such an amazing challenge in two ways for me, one to hit pan, and two to help my followers find basic fun looks! So that's it. Have you ever done project pan? WOULD you ever start a project pan? Let me know!

And of course, if you don't have time to watch the full video, here's a quick one minute break down.


She's a Beauty Killa. 🔪 F it. Y'all are always so supportive. 😭 Full video up on my channel tomorrow! Don't forget to subscribe. Link in bio. Products used: @anastasiabeverlyhills @norvina Dipbrow in Ebony @jeffreestarcosmetics Beauty Killer palette, 24K palette, Summer Snowcone Skin Frost, Celebrity Skin, Birkin Suede @popstarcosmetics Concealer @skonecosmetics Insanely Intense Tattooed Liner @kokiecosmetics color Correcting Concealer @coverfx N50 foundation, Setting Powder, and Illuminating Setting Spray @marcbeauty Highliner Gel Crayon @glamourdollsmakeup Fakecation Bronzer @beccacosmetics Flowerchild blush @tartecosmetics Lights, Camera, Mascara @houseoflashes Starlet lashes #houseoflashes #wakeupandmakeup #rlqvideo #makeupmafia #tartecosmetics #jeffreestarcosmetics #beccacosmetics #brian_champagne #vegas_nay #latinablogger #glamsquad #anastasiabeverlyhills #norvina #maccosmetics #make4glam #makeupfanatic1 #makeupbyme #coverfx
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