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It is finally here!! For those of you not following me on Instagram or subscribed to my channel (you should be!), I thought I would do my usual blog recap. All posts can be found on Instagram as well. Don't forget to double tap!

On November 18th, the 2017 Jeffree Star Cosmetics Holiday Glitter collection was released. Again, I was fortunate enough to be sent it as PR for review purposes. As a fan of the Jeffree Star Cosmetics brand since day one, I cannot express to you how thankful I am for my followers and subscribers for making this goal possible for me after almost three years of putting my heart into reviews and posts.

So let's get right into it!

This collection has to be, by far, the most gorgeous packaging they've ever released. It was a pink frosted glitter packaging that would bring glitter lovers like me to tears.The collection featured 4 Lip Ammunition (sold for $18), 8 Velour Liquid Lipsticks (sold for $18), 3 Lip Scrubs (sold for $12), and the newest Skin Frost Pro palettes (sold for $40).

Are you in love yet? Okay well let me share some swatches.

I was in such a hurry to swatch and review this collection, the day I received it I could hardly focus on work. As soon as I clocked out I rushed home and started getting ready to record! Shoutout to Jessy for supplying the caffeine (he knew I'd need it). I got to recording by 9 pm and didn't finish with it and it's editing until after 3 am. But boy was it worth it. Check out my one minute recap of the shades below. And puhleeeeeeze don't be cruel. I've had my fair share of complaints about my smile to take care of all of 2016 and 2017 since starting my blogging in one repost! All my love to Jeffree Star Cosmetics for sharing my video! It brought me so many amazing new followers and subscribers that have me feeling BLESSED. ♥

I honestly could not pick a favorite! I've worn Human nature the most so far and was able to pair Mermaid Blood with Alien Ice from the Platinum Ice palette. Honestly, the combo was to die for! That is of course, if you're into bold looks!

As a San Jose Sharks fan, I can not stress how much in need of a teal lipstick I was! I have a shade from Melt Cosmetics that is a lovely tealISH shade, but it wasn't liquid lipstick. And I LOVE liquid lipstick.

Now let me share some of the Skin Frost Pro palettes. These came in two versions. One was a warm toned set called 24K and the other was very cool, duotone shade palette called Platinum Ice. Some would say it's a dupe for Anastasia's Moonchild, but we will get to that later.

So as I type this, the 24K is sold out. And to be honest, I COMPLETELY understand! It is a STUNNING palette for everyone. I know it might be intimidating for the fair skin ladies and gents, but it can be subtle with a light application. I bought DIED when I applied Legendary to my face. It was so pretty I could cry. If you can get your hands on this one, you NEED it!

Then we have Platinum Ice palette. So as I mentioned before, this is said to be and ABH Moonchild dupe. I swatched them side by side in my video. And while they have two similar shades, they are not an exact dupe. Differences? A few dollars less for Jeffree Star's and the Pro palette comes with a mirror. You can actually see them side by side in my video.

Both palettes $40. Both pretty damn stunning.

So how does the packaging look in comparison to past packaging? Take a look below.

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Now  let me ask, what's your favorite packaging? Did you pick anything up from the collection??

Watch my full video and comparison swatches below.

If you watch my video after this blog, send me some emojis and say hi!! ♥



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