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Because we need it!

This last Saturday we welcomed the Jeffree Star Family Collection to their line. It was an exciting launch, to say the least. I know there was some disappointment that the "collab" wasn't with a well known YouTuber, but the over collection's packaging and contents made it worth it!

So this launch included six new lip shades, one skin frost, and two lip scrubs. I was lucky enough to receive it the day of the launch for PR purposes. Everything about this collection was TOO CUTE FOR WORDS. Don't believe me? Check it out below.

Is it not the cutest?? I think yes. I immediately got to swatching for everyone. And although these shades appeared similar to others in the collection, boy were we wrong. As you can see, Diamond from the collection was quite the unique shade. I'm an absolute fan!

I immediately knew I had to put a plan into action for recording so it would help as many people as possible determine whether or not they wanted [needed] this collection. Unfortunately, I had work until 8 pm that day. I went to work bare faced, but dressed ready to go and record! If we are being honest, I got home and sat down and thought "wtf am I going to do with my face?" and immediately started winging it. I ended up loving my makeup even though, sadly, I didn't record it. I originally intended to record while I was getting ready but I was pressed for time. PRIORITIES.

So first and foremost, I wanted to give a quick look on what the Skin Frost looked like on my skin tone. I was in Cover FX foundation N50 and I thought it would help anyone close to me! I quickly did my first impression and comparison swatches and posted it to my social networks. Check it out below.

I definitely made it a priority to swatch the shade side by side with the highly requested Princess Cut and even Lavender Snow. I personally love it soooo much. It blew my mind. I really love purple highlights and this one had the perfect touch of purple. Check it out swatched next to the others below.

So in my video I swatch all the shades I saw commented on post such as Trendmood and Jeffree Swatch. The video was a long one and I am so happy it helped most viewers. Did you watch it? Full video below.

Okay okay. I know it's a long one and not a lot of people want to sit through 19 minutes of swatches so here is the one minute breakdown.

Shine bright like a πŸ’ŽDiamond! I lovvvvvve this collection!! You can bury me in any of these shades and I would be happy. I know I've mentioned it before, but this collection has tied for my favorite @jeffreestarcosmetics lipstick collection ever. And once AGAIN, THANK YOU! From the bottom of my heart I am beyond thankful for all my new subscribers and followers that helped me reach 1k on YouTube. These videos are some of my favorites to create and I love that it helped some of you. πŸ–€ For reference, I am wearing @coverfx N50 Natural Finish foundation. Full video and comparison swatches up on my channel! #jeffreestar #jeffreestarcosmetics #familycollectionv#swatchvideo #starfamilycollection #starfamily #diamond #nathan #wifey #delicious #lipstickaddict #lipstickgoals #makeupgoals #collectiongoals #latinablogger
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Would you rock all 6 shades? You can purchase the collection here.



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