Jeffree Star Cosmetics| Mini Velour Liquid Lipstick Bundle IS IT WORTH IT?!

Hi Hi everyone! I was actually really excited to share this video because my lips almost fell off for it! I felt compelled to swatch and swatch and swatch one of these minis to see just exactly how many uses you can get out of one container. To be honest, I was surprised! And pleased.

I will admit, I very much thought I was going to give up on the swatches. I had to take some serious breaks. My lips were quite numb by the end of it. In fact, if you watch my video, I don't even wear lipstick for my final thoughts. My lips (and face) were so stained I didn't find it necessary. My boyfriend reminded me of the torture my lips endured the night before the next morning by telling me my lips looked WRECKED.

This bundle sells for $52, plus shipping, for a total of $56.95. You are getting eight of the most popular nudes for that price. One full size is $18 plus S&H. So if you're thinking about just getting one of these nudes, you're already paying half of this bundle for it..... HHHHWAT!?!! Nope.

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I honestly think this bundle is a STEAL, especially after finding out how many wears you can get out of one little one!

In my video I mention a pretty popular video showing how many [arm] swatches are in one full sized. Total count? 300. That's an amazing number! However, the way I looked at it, there are less than 300. Think about it. One arm swatch takes up less than two lips, amirite? Not saying there aren't a buck ton of wears in a container, I am just saying 300 is not an accurate representation. So I cut that number by about a third to be fair. The minis are still a fraction of that number, BUT again, taking into consideration there are EIGHT for the cost of THREE full sized ones, I think it's a sweet deal.

Watch my video below.

So what do you think? Worth it? Let me know what you think!


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