Influenster| Breezy Vox Box

It's that time again. Time for another Vox Box breakdown.

Those of you who are not familiar with Influenster, YOU NEED TO BE!

First, you sign up here. Second, get to taking quizzes and START EARNING THOSE BADGES! The more badges you earn and the more reviews you give, you're more likely to be surveyed for certain Vox Boxes.

This particular Vox Box is the Breezy Vox Box.

Reasons why I am loving this Vox Box:

1) IT WAS FREE! That of course means I am able to give my hones opinions regarding the product. I'm not being paid (heck I wish) so I really have no reason to lie,
2) IT HAD CANDY!! I love me some sugar. This box came with the Sour Punch Candy and those babies were gone in two days. Jessy and I loved them!
3) THE PROFOOT CREAM. Feet ew. I know. But this girl is a runner, and a hiker, and a gym goer, so that means I have to take care of my feet! This cream has helped me soooo much and I've only been using it about a week. That's how good it is.
4) THE HEAD AND SHOULDERS. Can I get a YASSSSSSSSSSSS?!?! Anyone who knows me knows I have about 3424 pounds of hair and it takes a lot for it to look healthy and shiny and luscious. *hair flip* But seriously, Head and Shoulders never disappoint. This was 110% a hit in my book.
5) Did I mention it was free? It was indeed.

What do you think? Would you complain if you got this box? DOUBT IT!! Candy alone makes it super awesome. ;)



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