GloByGlory| Swatch and Review

Here we are again! Another indie brand, another swatch video.

Before I begin, check out my quick breakdown and swatches (on the lips) here below:

So I was recently contacted by Glory, a small indie brand creator, to test her new Glowstix! Glowstix is her way of saying liquid lipsticks, which I love because it's unique!

I was sent three shades which you can see here down below. Honestly, the shades are perfect and the names are great. Who doesn't love terms of endearment?

Glo by Glory is Cruelty free too! The one thing I couldn't put my finger on was the scent. While at first I loved it, when it dried it was somewhat different. I couldn't quite put my finger on it. I read somewhere someone described it as "factory," but that wasn't it either. It wasn't a terrible smell, it was a familiar scent. I didn't mind it. Some may hate it.

As far as formula goes, you can watch my video, or I can just tell you! It's very liquidy. Simple fix? Wipe the brush on the edges after pulling out. Why waste good product? After you've rid of excess product, application is too easy! The shades were very pigmented as you can see above in my video. Oh. And yes, I forgot to record an outro....don't ask how!

The packaging is cute. Simple and almost ....charming? The little hearts are just too cute for me. I love that they're so simple, yet they add so much character.

The wand is one of the longer ones. I like that about these lipsticks. The longer the wand, typically the flatter, which makes application easy. Don't forget though, you have to scrape the excess product over the edges. Don't go directly to the lips. I learned my lesson the hard way.

All in all, this is one of my newest favorite formulas and indie brands. These companies are always surprising me!

So which is your favorite shade? Also, I am having a giveaway with the creator of this brand! Three winners will each win a shade of their choice. All the information is on my Instagram post which you can find below. Wanna know a secret and double your chances? Glory is having a giveaway also! So don't forget to follow her. ♥

Which is your favorite?!?! Don't forget to check out the full swatch video above! XoXo


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