Quick Update!

Just a quick update for my little family of followers!

I've been very blessed lately with everything in life and I keep forgetting to keep y'all in the loop. My YouTube channel has turned into something love more than I could have thought I would! I will admit, some days I watch my footage and almost want to cry because of how tough of a critic I am. Forever having negative thoughts of myself, "I look fat." "My acne looks terrible." "My makeup looks atrocious." "My hair is a mess." You know, the usual thoughts. Some days I say f it and just edit my pretty little life away and some days I run away, on the verge of tears, from my footage and just let it sit for days. But, I am getting better at this! I even did my first Getting Ready With Me. Wanna see?

Honestly? I don’t hate it. I was super nervous and my best friend even commented on that. I am not really known to be nervous... you know?

Anyway, I was proud of myself. I overcame two fears: getting ready on camera and recording in front of Jessy. And since then I've had so much more fun recording. I've even started doing mini instagram videos! Seriously. Check one out here:


Currently, I am uploading (except this last Wednesday) on Sundays and Wednesdays. I learned to be confident in myself being more consistent. Mind you, I am a very confident person, but YouTubing required me to take it next level.

So after two months off from recording, I can proudly say I think I made March my bitch! And that was only the beginning. I won't make any promises but I will be around on my blog more often. I have so many goodies to share that might not make it to youtube. You know how some things are better talked about in writing? Yup. So expect more from me!

Lots of love. XOXO
RLQ Rosie


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