Jeffree Star Cosmetics: The Dark Side

Oh wow.

That title makes this post sound juicy. Like it's full of dirty dark secrets. Except not. If you read my previous post, you're probably expecting this. Previously, I posted a brief breakdown of what I've been up to in the YouTube world (yes, I crossed over) and where I was currently. And right now I am in the middle of my mini "Jeffree Star Series" on YouTube. I've swatched my current favorites and the pastels from the collection and now I present to you "The Darks."

Which shades are included in the darks? I'll tell you. We have Weirdo, Abused, Blue Velvet, I'm Royalty, Mistletoe, and Dirty Money. You're probably asking, "What the hell? Why Dirty Money?" seeing as how it's technically not a dark shade. The way I saw it when I thought out this series was where it would fit best. The remaining shades left to swatch were reds and browns and pinks so I really didn't think a dirty grey green would fit in with them. Agreed?

Now you ask, "What's next?"

Coming up I have two more videos in this mini series until the limited edition yellow packaging shades are released this summer. If you don't know what the heck I'm talking about, check out Jeffree Star Cosmetics' post here below.

Watermelon scented.....AREYOUKIDDINGMERIGHTNOWIDIE!?!?! Perfect. Actual perfection. Little known fact, watermelon is my guilty post run pleasure. After my runs in the miserable summer heat, I take my sweaty ass to the grocery store and pick up watermelon spears. Mmmm. Anyway! Before these are released you can expect a video on the lipstick shades remaining in the collection and the new highlighters and BEAUTY KILLER PALETTE swatch video. OMFG. Oops. I got a little too excited at the thought of that palette. Forreals though. I'm more excited than any of my viewers possibly can be. Maybe...

So that's it for now! Until then, you can watch the video linked above and all the videos from before on my channel here or read up on my thoughts and experiences on this YouTube journey here. :)))))

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