It finally happened.

Quick update time!

So as you've probably noticed, I have been extremely MIA in the blogging world. However, it has been for good reason! I've actually launched my YouTube channel and uploaded my first, second, third, and FOURTH YouTube videos. I published my first video after returning from GenBeauty in LA. I was just so inspired and I used some of the footage I recorded and used during the trip to turn it into a mini vlog. My "mini" vlog ended up being over 20 minutes long as I proceeded to dive into my favorites from the trip. Honestly,  it was an amazing eye opening experience. And while I'm still very lazy and busy in most parts of my life these days, I think I've finally found my place.


Check out my very first YouTube video below. Then keep reading.

I followed up my first video with a quick trailer for my channel. I won't link it here, but once you access my YouTube channel homepage it will appear at the bottom. Check out my
homepage below. :))))))

So finally after about two+ months of ideas floating around in my head and my lack of commitment dominating me, I decided to take advantage of the new Colourpop Ultra Satin Lip collection being released. 

It was my first swatch video and I was beyonddddddddd nervous recording it. To be honest, I had no idea what I was doing. Just put on lipstick on camera, right? It felt like so much more than that. I think I overthought it. And that is perfectly okay because it was my first video and I received such positive feedback it made me thankful for those who support me! Just recently I rewatched that video and thought, "Oh....Rosie." and shook my head. It's been a month and I've already seen myself improve since this video. You can see that video below.

Flash forward to last weekend, I found my motivation again. With the new Jeffree Star lipsticks in my possession, I decided to record a "Jeffree Star Favorites" video featuring the two newest shades "Gemini" and "Scorpio." 
L-R: Celebrity Skin, Gemini, Anna Nicole, Redrum, Androgyny, Doll Parts, Masochist, Scorpio
Soooooo here's the thing. This I feel like overcame a lot of obstacles with myself because of this video. It really gave me the boost of confidence I needed to know what I am doing with my YouTube channel is right. Does that make sense? I recorded the video Saturday before I left out of town for my Bloomsday Run and I didn't even bother to watch the footage. I didn't want to leave town upset if I didn't love my footage, ya know? I just let it be. ♫ Whispered words of wisdom, let it be. ♫♪ I left town with Jessy and we enjoyed the weekend and I didn't die on my run (considering I had ver veryyyy little training) which was a good thing. 

Hi. It's me after my 3rd Bloomsday Run. 
Come Monday after work, a little too sore to workout after all of Bloomsday's hills, and I decided to view and edit my footage. I went in with low expectations, but watching myself I was super content with myself. It was footage I was excited to edit and post. I was very pleased with the outcome. I saw places I could improve and made a mental note for the next video. Wednesday I posted my second swatch video ever. Featured in this video I swatched Celebrity Skin, Gemini, Anna Nicole, Redrum, Androgyny, Doll Parts, Masochist, Scorpio. Want to see them swatched? Check out the video below.

So with my excitement over the first Jeffree Star video, I threw out the idea of doing a second swatch video. A "Jeffree Star Series" with the pastels or darks or nudes, whatever my viewers requested. I posted this photo on Instagram, Twitter, and snapchat asking what to swatch next, pastels or darks. 

Pastels won by a landslide. Aka 4 votes to zero. So pastels it was.

L-R: Drug Lord, I'm Nude, 714, Queen Supreme, Blow Pony, Jawbreaker, Breakfast at Tiffany's
I went in this last Saturday with the mindset "I can do this" and started recording. Halfway through my swatches and my battery started dying and my backup wasn't fully charged. I spent a brief intermission talking to my Snapchat story friends. I was actually excited to share that I was recording which is weird to me, but I really was happy I was recording. I felt confident and determined to execute something I was 100% happy with. And honestly? I was. Video went up the next day, Sunday night. Check it out below.

Since posting my first video at the end of January, I've reached my 100 subscribers milestone! PEOPLES, THIS IS HUGE TO ME. I know it's not a lot to most people, but for someone who lacked the confidence to commit to putting themselves out there, it's so much more. Trust me, even though I try to  come off as confident, this YouTube thing is testing your confidence on a whole 'nother level. I remember after trying to record myself and watching my first playback, I cried. Fun fact. 

I can't wait to look back in another six months and see where I'm at. On the positive side, I only see myself getting better. Amirite? ❤️


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