Velour lip scrubs.

First blog post of 2016! Woot. And it'll be a quick one. I have 3 others started but I'm not done yet. DON'T JUDGE ME, I'M LAZY. 

Actually, that couldn't be further from the truth. I've been super into my running lately. I really want to bring the running back to "Running Lipstick Queen." Lipstick game? Strong. Running game? Ummm moving on. But seriously, I've legitimately failed my last three goals and that's so unlike me. So I've set a long term goal for myself. 2000 miles on my Nike+ by the end of the year. 2017. That's 1050 miles. Or 86ish miles per month. Or 20ish miles per week. Or about 3 miles a day. TOTALLY DOABLE. Especially for someone who was running over 100 miles a month once upon a time..... 

Moving on. Sorry I lost my focus. 

The Jeffree Star Velour lip scrubs. These are avilable online on Jeffree Stars Cosmetics website, Beautylish, and MORPHE for $12 a piece. $12 for a lip scrub? A steal considering the Fresh Sugar Lip Polish I was using is $24.... And honestly I'm LOVING Jeffree Star's much more. No, I'm not just saying this because I love Jeffree Star Cosmetics. -_- The Jeffree Stars come in 4 flavors at the moment, which include Spearmint, Mojito, Strawberry Gum, and Root Beer.  I only picked up three. 

So I've been using these for just over two weeks and they're game changers. Every night before bed I exfoliate my lips and apply some type of lip mask or Chapstick. This is the same routine I had with my Fresh Sugar Lip Polish, but with better results. AND THEY TASTE BETTER. And smell better. I'm addicted. 

First up, I bought Spearmint. These lip scrubs come in the cutest pink containers which perfectly match the Velour liquid lipsticks. Do you see this!? 

I'm going to be honest, I love anything mint so this could be me being a tad bit biased. But really, you NEED this one. If you decide to only buy one and only one (you're silly and I dunno why you'd only buy one), then I'd suggest you go with this one. 

Next flavor, Strawberry Gum. How perfect is this? Tastes like Strawberry Gum and smells like strawberry gum. This one should come with a a warning. Like, WARNING: PLEASE DO NOT USE IF YOU LOVE SUGAR AND SWEETS. Seriously though, I try to stay away from this one because I can't control my temptation to accidentally over scrub and lick my lips too much. Accidentally being the key word. 

The last one I picked up is actually one of my favorites, Mojito. The first being Spearmint, OF COURSE. 

As you can tell from the photo above, I use this one quite often. I don't know what it is with me and Play-doh, but this one smells like Play-doh which I love! I'm addicted to this scent. If you recall in my Lonely Planet Cosmetics review here, these lippies also have the Play-Doh scent which makes them that much more amazing. Back to Mojito, I could be wrong but that's what it smells like to me. Do you own it? If so, let me know what you think it smells like! 

Lastly, in case anyone was curious, I decided to share what my current fave products I use to follow my lip scrubs with. 

Both of these products I received with a subscription box. The first I don't use as often except when I feel I need to really condition my lips before bed, this being the Julep Luxe Lip conditioning treatment. If you know me, you know I hate glosses but I lovvvvve this one as a night mask for my lips after a heavy exfoliating. This product was sent with one of my Julep monthly boxes. It sells for $24 regularly. 

Second, is the Chapstick Dual-ended hydration lock day and night. I received this one with my winter Walmart subscription box. I'm obsessed. I love Chapstick, but this one is 2 for the price of one and serves a purpose. It retails for $3.29 and I will most definitely buy again. Before bed, almost every night, I'll exfoliate with the Jeffree Star Velour lip scrubs and use the night treatment afterwards. I've been loving my lips lately. My lipstick has been lasting long, my lips don't dry out as often throughout the day, and my lips feel overall healthier since being treated properly.  

Don't get me wrong, I've always been a consistent exfoliator. However, these lip scrubs have made the process much more enjoyable, tastier, and with better results. Do I recommend? YES. 1000 times yes. 

It even comes wth a reminder to not substitute this product for a meal. Thankful for this because I have never been more tempted to just sit and scrub and lick my lips until my lip scrub was gone....oops. 

So that's it! 10/10 all around. Smell, packaging, taste, size, price point, and over all product performance. Bravo, AGAIN Jeffree Star Cosmetics. 

PS. Should I review the new Mac retro mattes or long overdue Black Moon Cosmetics? Let me know! 


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