November Favorites.

Hello again, friend of a friend.

It's been awhile! I feel like I say that every time because I keep disappearing on everyone! But after a 4 day weekend of doing close to nothing while catching up on 3 (maybe four) seasons of Pretty Little Liars, I realized it's time for a blog. What better place to start than my November favorites. Monday November came to an end and I know I tend to not post as much during the week since it gets so dark early I can't take my photos in natural light. So here I am, mid week trying to get this done! Before we begin though, can we talk about how I spent last weekend in California for a MUCH needed vacation? It was amazing. My friend and I stopped by the Morphe store AND the World's first NYX store. I would definitely love to share more about my trip soooooo how about I try and dedicate my next post to it, yea? Until then, here's me at Disneyland. <3 

Wow. I felt like I rambled on and on in that last paragraph..... So let's begin. 

I'm sharing a lot of oldies and new goodies this month. I didn't share my last two months of favorites so there are some things I've had for awhile but are new to this blog post. 

First and most important, lippies! 
L-R: Makeup Monsters "Sedona," Jeffree Star "Doll Parts," Jeffree Star "Masochist," Lonely Planet "Rebel Rebel," Colourpop "Avenue," and Too Faced "Melted Velvet."
Guilty. They are all liquid lipsticks. Are you surprised? Probably not. Let's begin the swatches!

Makeup Monsters Cosmetics "Sedona" is described on their website as "Pinky Brown." Honestly? I have nothing like it. I swatched it last night next to a few shades that appeared similar in tube and nothing matched up. I've had this shade for a few months now and it's been one of my constant favorites since I first swatched it! Makeup Monsters liquid lipsticks sell for $15.95 and are technically considered an indie brand. The crazy thing to me is they're made 2 hours away from me in Washington state! I'm so used to having everything shipped from California that little facts like such make me most happy. You can purchase them here online.
Sedona swatched in natural light.
Next, Jeffree Star Velour Liquid lipstick in DOLL PARTS. Did you think I wasn't going to include a Jeffree Star lipstick in my favorites? No no, don't be silly! This first shade was just released on the 6th of November. It was one of five limited edition shades that was available in a bundle for $75 which saved you $15. How could I possibly pass that up? The shade can be found here along with the rest of the 21 one shades once restocked. The weekend I received my bundle I was in no hurry to wear makeup (I prefer to let my face breath on the weekends) but after some quick swatches of all the shades I was DYING to wear Doll Parts. The next day I dolled myself up just to wear sweats and put on Doll Parts. Obsessed was/is an understatement. Doll Parts is a crazy gorgeous blue based pink, described as cool toned on the website, that I found incredibly unique to my collection. It was slightly staining on the lips, but I don't think of that as a negative since it "prolongs" the wear. Jeffree Star liquid lipsticks sell for $18. This shade is said to be limited edition, but here's to hoping it gets made permanent! 
Doll Parts swatched in natural light.
Another Jeffree Star liquid lipstick. This time? Masochist. This shade was released with Dominatrix and Dirty Money at the end of September. This a deep berry pink that I can't get enough of. I reach for it more than my red lipsticks (I know shocking!) because it really goes with all looks. You can dress it up or dress it down and it''ll still look good. As you can see, it's no where near close to Doll Parts in shade. They're both pretty amazing pinks, don't you think?  
Masochist swatched in natural light.

Moving on to another indie brand. This one I've blogged about before here, but I had to bring it back. The formula is still so unique and I'm addicted to the smell. This shade featured is Lonely Planet Cosmetic's Rebel Rebel. It's still my favorite of the five shades I was sent to review. These are only found online on Etsy here, but that makes me love it even more. This shade is perfect for winter. Nothing beats a mauve berry liquid lipstick, NOTHING.
Rebel Rebel swatched in natural light.
And last I have the perfect holiday combo. You see, Colourpop tends to be very drying on the lips. And while everyone loves a long lasting liquid lipstick that doesn't transfer, I'm not one who enjoys their lips to feel like chalk. BUT THAT'S JUST ME. Don't get me wrong, I have grown to love the Colourpop Ultra Mattes. This combo though. To keep my lips from feeling dry as hell, I've been pairing certain shades with a matching or color enhancing Too Faced Melted. 
Swatched in natural light.
DO YOU SEE WHAT I SEE? Pictured above I swatched Colourpop's Avenue, Too Faced Melted Velvet, and Too Faced Melted Velvet over Colourpop's Avenue. They're perfect together. It's like they were made for eachother. This combo just puts me in the holiday spirit. Who doesn't love an amazing red lip just in time for Christmas? Colourpop Ultra Mattes sell for $6 (YES 6 DOLLARS) and Too Faced Melted sell for $21. Are you in love yet?
Swatched top to bottom: Sedona, Doll Parts, Masochist, Rebel Rebel, Avenue, Velvet, Avenue + Vekvet
Moving on from the lipsticks. Another oldie. One of the Kiko Cosmetics eyeshadows that was sent to me from an amazing IG supporter. This shade is 102 aka perfection. It's incredibly pigmented and blends like heaven. 
Kiko 102
Kiko 102 gold shade in natural light.
You can wear it with or without a primer and the shade wears all day. These shadows are extremely underrated in my opinion. These shadows sell for $6 as individuals and are constantly on sale. Just keep your eye out for them. Seriously though, golds and reds are meant for the holidays so how can this not be one of my favorites at the moment, 
Swatched in natural light. 
More Colourpop. These two shades are really old, but they've resurfaced to my makeup "vanity" multiple times last month, 
Top to bottom: Cornelius and Nillionaire
Pictured are Super Shock Shadows in Cornelius and Nillionaire. 
Cornelius and Nillionaire
It was really hard to capture Cornelius on camera, especially when I tried to swatch it on my arm. That's what I love about this color. It's the perfect crease shade! Let's be real, some mornings I don't want to use a brush and blend until my arm falls off. The beauty of Colourpop shadows is they blend better with your finger. Call me lazy, but hallelujah. This particular shade can only be found in Kathleen Light's quad, but all four shades are amazing so it's worth it, Cornelius just happens to be my favorite crease/transition shade at the moment. It's like the cream version of MUG Creme Brulee which I can totally dig. 

Nillionaire on the other hand is warm bronze with pink and gold glitter mixed in. It's STUNNING. I'm a fan of glitters so this one has been a hit since I first received it. in September. As you can see, it's been through hell and back since I first swatched it here. This shade paired with a red lip has become a staple look these last few weeks. Can't stop, won't stop.
Swatched inn natural light.
I'm beyond excited to talk about my next favorite. This highlighter or, as Anastasia calls them, Illuminator was released three months ago but I've been using it like crazy lately. It has a soft rose tint to it that quickly made it my favorite. I think it compliments most blushes so well which is why I reach for it so often. It was released with three other shades, but none compare to this one, Riviera. 
Riviera in natural light
I use a Real Techniques brush to apply it to the apple of my cheeks and it blends flawlessly. It doesn't fade or move throughout the day. As a fan of highlights, the fact that I reach for this more than twice a week is huge for me. Maybe that's why I made it my favorite for the month of November. ;)
ABH Riviera
I can hardly contain my excitement with this next favorite. The Kat Von D Monarch palette. This palette has been out forever and a decade, but I was always so indecisive as to whether or not I wanted it. I mean, I wanted it, but I'm sometimes a cheapskate. But when I saw it on saw it on Sephora's website in a set for $75 with two lippies, mascara, and eyeliner a week before the VIB Rouge sale, I knew I had to have it. I quickly went to my local Sephora to swatch it one last time before I pulled the trigger and purchased it. I almost cried tears of joy. It swatched like butter. The shades are so pigmented and blended SO well.
Kat Von D Monarch Palette
Counterclockwise from the top: Entomology, Wrath, Papilio, Summerfly
The palette has three sections with four shades that compliment eachother. Of course, you can mix and match to your liking. I would definitely have to say the first set of four shades is my favorite!!! Wrath is a shade sent from the Makeup Gods. I try not to use the same palette more than once a week, but I can't seem to stay away from this palette. All shades work so well for the season change. And for the price with the set, you really can't pass it up.
Clockwise from the top: Telepathy, Vanish, Delaney, Killing Jar
Clock wise from the top: Tiny Death, Deadhead, Shadow Box, Disintegration
L-R: Shadow Box, Killing Jar, Wrath
Can be found in a set or as a solo palette on or on Sephora's website.

The next favorite is actually fairly new to my makeup collection but I've used it EVERY SINGLE DAY since buying it. It was one of my amazing scores from the NYX store. Even though I can find NYX at my local Ulta, this stuff is always sold out! My friend and I each had to have it. I couldn't wait to try it and see if it lived up to the hype. The next day I wore it to set the concealer under my eyes and birghten and correct the area as well as to line up under my blush .....oh my lanta. I could not stop selfieing at Disneyland. I felt flawless!
This is the NYX Color correcting powder in Banana sells for $9.99 and can be found anywhere NYX is sold (if you can get in stock). I'm sad I didn't get a backup, but at least now I know it's amazing and will definitely be rebuying!
And just for funsies, my before Disneyland selfie. 

Okay, so as some, or none, or most of you know, I am a huge Katy and Desi fan. You know, Lustrelux and Desiperkins on IG and YouTube. Anyway, they have often raved about this concealer and after 20 million years (and a 40% off coupon) I picked it up! Oh my, this product lives up to the hype. It's replaced my Benefit Fake Up! The one I chose was the Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circle Treatment Concealer in Brightener. Normally it sells for $8.99, which is amazing for a concealer, but I made sure to get it on sale when it was BoGo 40% off at Ulta. 
Another NYX product. I've been using this for a few months now and I don't think I'll ever go a day without it. As you can see, I've hit pan. It's affordable and has replaced my Laura Mercier translucent powder. I can't rave about it enough so let me begin with it's perfect for controlling shine! My skin type is combination oily and dry. Mostly my T-zone is oily, but I do tend to breakout a lot on my cheeks since practicing Bikram last year. Anyway, I'm a full coverage foundation wearing girl so I wear lots of KVD Lock it and L'Oreal Infallible foundation. These are well known to control shine and minimize the visibility of oily skin, but my skin is possessed abd still shines through occasionally. Since finally getting my hands on this NYX finishing powder my life has changed! I apply it to my T-zone and to clean up my blush lines 
You can almost always find NYX products on sale. Currently, you can find NYX for BOGO 50% off at Ulta. The pressed Translucent finishing powder is regularly $9 and worth it.
THIS MASCARA. This came with with My Monarch palette and I have a minor confession, I wasn't sure I was going to love it. I know I love all other KVD products, but her mascara? She can't be amazing at EVERYTHING. Boy, was I wrong. Yes, I hate admitting I was wrong, but this mascara was worth being wrong for. ♥ I've reached for this mascara so often since receiving it that it's now found a permanent home in my purse.
What I love about this mascara is the wand. It's so unique! I'm not really into doing my bottom lashes because I am forever getting mascara all over my lower lash line, but this mascara has changed that for me. The Kat Von D Immortal Lash 24 hour mascara is so light and brings life to your lashes. Or maybe it's just me? Regulary $20 on it's own, you can find it with the Monarch palette and a few other goodies here
Another item picked up at the NYX store that I have used every day since buying, the NYX Micro brow pencil. Let's be honest, my eyebrows are far from amazing and I'm still learning what I like best to work with them. This seems to be doing the trick! I think it's the micro pencil. It makes drawing in the brows so much easier.
These sell for $9.99 and can be found at Ulta as well so you can usually get it on sale. One end has the spoolie brush and the other end is the micro pencil. I've been using black and it's perfect. It's definitely my new favorite brow product at the moment.
Last favorite. I received this deluxe Bobbi Brown makeup remover awhile ago but haven't given it much attention, but last month I picked it up and have been using it almost every day! It's one of the best makeup removers I've used in a very long time, possibly ever. A little goes a long way. Full size can be found for $26 at Macy's, but it's so worth it!

So there you have it. My favorites. But really, can I just say all makeup is my favorite?


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