Swirl and Sparkle

You may recall me quickly going over this brand here in my August Favorites, but I wanted to give a more in depth description and review since I had never heard of them before winning that giveaway! I remember seeing it in the giveaway photo and doing my research to find out just WHAT exactly this adorable sugar skull thingy was.

BLESS Miss Christina at "CosmeticsByChristina" on Instagram. I am so glad to be introduced to such an amazing new indie brand!! 

As I mentioned in my August Favorites post here, The full size comes in one ounce containers and sell for $19.99 and the minis are 15 grams and sell for either $2.99 individually or as a trio for $7.99. The trio sampler comes in three scents: Toasted Marshmallow, Samoa Cookie, and Coconut Mandarin (this was also the scent of my full size). BUT! The sets and scents do not stop there. On their Etsy you can find more full size soaps ranging from $14.99 to $34.99 and their mini samplers ranging from $2.99 to $14.99. Scents listed include Mint Truffle, Coconut Cream Pie, Amaretto Tiramisu (um yum!), Creme Brulee, Banana Cream Pie, Lemon Cheesecake, Southern Pecan Pie, Blackberry Scone, Ooey Gooey Caramel Pound Cake, and Pineapple Upside Down Cake in addition to the ones listed above. 

Full size special edition Sugar Skull in 1 ounce.
One thing unique about Swirl and Sparkle is they come with mini scrubbing diamonds that act as a grid to clean your brushes. As you can see in the photo above they're very apparent in the full size. The red diamond like gems are the "exfoliators" in the soap.  I'm going to be completely honest, I'm having a hard time using the full size because it  is SO beautiful. Then again, what a perfect excuse to shop for more, amirite?

Mini sugar skulls are not sold on their Etsy. 
When I posted my August favorites blog, I mentioned the above trio for sale. As of today, the mini trio has been replaced with several equally amazing products and sampler sets. You can still purchase a single sampler for $3.99. Shipping on just the single on being $2.54 can make it a bit pricey though. You can always add more to your shopping cart to make it worth the shipping costs, but the price of the shipping does increase. I'm a cheapskate when it comes to shipping costs, to be honest. 

If you are familiar with the infamous BeautyBlender brand, then you may have heard of their BlenderCleanser solid soap. This is the handmade version of that product. I found them to be very comparable. In fact, I washed half my brushes with each one and I saw no difference. Scratch that, the brushes washed by Swirl and Sparkle smelled AMAZING. Downside? Because I used the mini, it took a little longer to clean my brushes. I cleaned a variety of brush sizes my first time around, including my Real Technique Stippling brush and because of the size of the brush head in comparison to the mini container it took a little longer than I had hoped. Like I mentioned in my previous post though, that could have easily been avoided if I had just used the bigger cleaner. Oops.

As you can see in the photos above and below, the minis come with diamond exfoliators as well. The containers are about one inch in diameter, half inch depth filled with the 15 grams of product. Since I already used up one of the containers, I was able to count the total amount of diamonds found in the soap. I had four in mine. To get through one mini container I cleaned about 30 brushes, mostly eyeshadow brushes. But they were 30 DIRTY brushes. I definitely can't be the only one who tends to try to go as long without cleaning my brushes as possible. The total clean time was about 10 minutes using the smaller cleaner. 

Straight and to the point. These are amazing.

  • Their scent  definitely rates 10 out of 10. 
  • Their quality, as it rivals with notorious competitors such as the BlenderCleanser definitely rates a 10 out of 10 for me. 
  • Their price is fairly reasonable especially since there's such variety to choose from rating a 10 out of 10.  
  • Their shipping is decent unless you are trying to purchase one single mini (which might be silly to begin with) so I'd say 8 out 10.

Overall? I'd say 9.5 out of 10. Easy. 

Definitely check them out. Their store is here

Next up, Kiko Cosmetics review. 



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