Kat Von D Mi Vida Loca Lipstick Set

I want nothing more than to be lazy this Saturday afternoon, but alas here I am typing away. I should be more tired. Sleep didn't come until almost 4 am thanks to a battle of "Who Can Get The Higher Tetris Score" (which you can bet I won) and the continuation of the Revenge marathon we started Monday. THAT SHOW IS SO GOOD. Anyway, I was up at 9 and I knew I had to start swatching my life away and taking pretty photos as soon as possible. 

Thursday my holiday set of Kat Von D's limited edition Mi Vida Loca Remix Studded Kiss lipsticks. Wow. That's a mouthful. As soon as I saw the announcement of this year's set and the "limited edition," white packaged, only available in this lipstick set, unique shade of Gold Blooded lipstick, I was sold. Available only on Sephora here for $42, I was pleasantly surprised with the colors it came with! Only two were repeats which I can deal with since they're gorgeous shades and one I already have the full size of. 

I have quite a bit of photos to share, so let's just jump right in! 

Photo with Instagram Gingham filter turned low.
The set comes with seven minis and the one full sized lipstick. Last year's only came with minis. I think they made up for that in quantity because there were 12 in the 2014 set. This year's came with the following colors: (l-r below) Wolvesmouth, Sexer (repeat), Noble, NaYEON, Bachelorette (repeat), Halo, and Coven. 

Photo taken in natural light.

And let's not forget the one and only Gold Blooded. 

What I love about this set is the range of colors! I love the unique shades (Coven and NaYEON) that I would normally not go out of my way to buy are included. Surprisingly though, I do own NaYEON which was given to me as a gift and I LOVE love love it. Thank you so much. :) 

Full size Kat Von D lipsticks sell for $21 (half the cost of the entire set!) with .1 oz of product and minis are .04 oz. I'm no math wizard, but if you add up three of the minis, you equal just over .10 oz to make another full size lipstick. Voila! Four of the seven items already equal the cost of the entire set. That's how I justify this purchase. ;) 

Photo taken in natural light.
What makes this set unique and a necessity [in my life] is this gorgeous shade of Gold Blooded in its white packing. I will get to the swatches soon. Stick with me. 

Gold Blooded in natural light.
Gold Blooded is described as "a remixed red with subtle gold shimmer" by Kat Von D. I don't think I could think of a more perfect description. You can actually SEE little gold specks of shimmer in the lipstick. 

NOW we get to the swatches! First up, Gold Blooded. 
Photo taken in natural light.
I have nothing like this shade. It is absolutely perfect. The gold specks give it an orange tint to it in sunlight.
Photo taken in sunlight.
If you own some of the other shades with specks of shimmer, you're familiar with the texture of this shade. It's not a smooth application, but the somewhat gritty texture still makes it easy to wear.

Next up is Wolvesmouth. 
Photos taken in natural light.
Wolvesmouth is described as a "metallic berry." I thought I owned this color but I didn't! To me it's actually a plum berry with tiny specks of pink shimmer giving it a metallic look. It's absolutely gorgeous and perfect for fall. I may or may not need the full size because I will definitely be using this one quite a bit.

Then we have Sexer. 
Photo taken in natural light.
Sexer is a repeat from last year. But seriously, look at it!! Do you blame them? I didn't swatch my new one though. The one shown above is last year's. Why ruin a perfectly new lipstick when you already have one used? Amirite? Sexer is described as an "iridescent fluorescent pink" and to be honest I can't think of any other way to describe it. It's just a ridiculously bright hot pink with purple undertones. Same texture as Gold Blooded.

Moving on to Noble. 
Photo taken in natural light.
Noble is an amazing nude with peachy pink undertones. It's amazing how different this shade looks on different skin tones. My good friend bought this shade and I thought it would be too pale nude for me consider it looked gorgeous on her and we are way opposite skin tones! Well, I love itttttt. Kat Von D describes it as a "matte petal pink nude." This one is also a cult classic. I'm really glad this came in the set because I would have NEVER bought it on my own. And now I am already imaging lip liners to pair it with to make it pop. ♥

Next shade is NaYEON. 
Photo taken in natural light.
NaYEON is one of the newest shades released at the beginning of August. This one is described perfectly as "pitch black with gun metal shimmer." On my lips it's less black, but it's definitely a gun metal black with shimmer and the same texture as the other shades containing shimmer. This shade was a collab with instagrammer NaYeon Kim, well known as NaYE0NA on istagram. If you follow her on either the 'gram or Twitter, you'll see this color is perfect for her personality. She's a huge cruelty free advocate, not afraid to speak her mind, and a board member of the Chews Life Dog Rescue. NaYEON is a shade worth owning just knowing the created behind it is such an amazing and rare soul.

And then there's Bachelorette. 
Photo taken in natural light.

Another repeat from last year, Bachelorette is a matte reddish fuchsia. Not an extremely unique color and I did use last year's for this swatch, but a great bold everyday color. And by "everyday color" I'm definitely referring to those of you who enjoy color in their life. I know some people are just terrified of color. WHICH YOU SHOULDN'T BE! 

Second to last we have Halo. 
Photo taken in natural light.
Halo is another new shade released in August. It's described as "neon clementine." I'm going to be totally honest. I am through the roof, over the moon excited to own this color. As some (or none) of you know, I am a huge San Jose Sharks fan and I had my eye on this color because it's a perfect orange for this hockey season!!! In case you had no idea, Sharks team colors are teal, black, and white, with orange detail. This shade is a matte and it goes on so creamy and smooth. I absolutely love it. 

And last but not least, Coven. 
Photo taken in natural light.
Coven is a matte lavender. This shade reminds me of Jeffree Star Cosmetics' Blow Pony, but lighter. Any purple shade makes me happy so I love this color. I'm glad it came with this set because I'm not sure I would own the full size. Don't get me wrong because it's a gorgeous shade, but I own a few similar to it already and I would have put off buying it forever.

Photo taken in natural light.
There you have them side by side. I really don't know why the photo above looks blurry. What the heck. Maybe it's my eyes from staring at all these LCD screens. 

Photo taken in sunlight.
Do you see Halo though? Check it out in sunlight I'm in love! I would definitely say it's one of my favorites  of them all along with Wolvesmouth and Gold Blooded. 

Photo taken with lower resolution (Snapchat camera) in natural light.
Photo taken with lower resolution (Snapchat camera) in sunlight
Now we get to the fun part. 
2014 vs 2015 

Above you see the complete 2015 collection (top) side by side with last year's 2014 Holiday lipstick set (bottom). 

Last year's didn't include the full size, so I removed it and you can already see the similar shades (and repeats) above. I made sure to get them side by side for good measure. 

So! In the photo above I separated the two shades that didn't have anything close to it in last year's set (NaYEON and Wolvesmouth).  

Below you see Sexer and Sexer (repeats), Noble and Agatha, Bachelorette and Bachelorette (repeats), Halo and Countess, and Coven and Wonderchilde. 

While these aren't dupes in any way, they are similar ranges of color. Pinks, nudes, reds, oranges, and purples. I'm not complaining. It's nice having the variety from the Kat Von D Studded Kiss collection.  

Before I move on, the one thing I LOVED about this year compared to last year is definitely the packaging. Last year's were just plain Studded Kiss minis and this year they added the infamous KVD monogram. I don't know about you, but that's one of my favorite things about Kat Von D lipsticks.  

This minor detail made me reallllllly happy. 

Repeats (top) Sexer and Bachelorette (bottom).
Yes, you're seeing double. 2014 vs 2015. 

Now let's get to the swatches.
Photo taken in natural light.
Last year's Wonderchilde was the purple version of Sexer. Wonderchilde is an iridescent neon purple vs the neon pink. You can see its way different from this year's Coven

Last year's orange was Countess, a matte hot orange red. Swatched above you see it next to Halo and it's a much deeper orange. I really love them both. Especially with Halloween and hockey season around the corner. These will both be necessary. 
Photo taken in sunlight.
And last you see Agatha and Noble. The funny thing is Agatha is really pale on me.  Kat Von D describes it as a "matte parole peach nude." I think that's what turned me off from Noble in the first place. I already owned Agatha and it was my lease favorite. Can you see why? 

There you have it. That's my take on this year's Kat Von D Mi Vida Loca lipstick set versus last year's. Honestly, if you purchased last year's, I would still recommend this year's. Definitely two very enthusiastic thumbs up. :)

Until I finally get around to my Kiko post (I've actually been debating just filming it....), I have a few posts coming up! That's it for now, but I do have one more question. Should I do a giveaway with Sexer and Bachelorette?  Let me know below or on Instagram.

And remember, if you want to see swatches and new products sooner, follow me on Snapchat. Punkrosette is the name! 



  1. Thank you so much for your detailed review! I missed out on last year's set and have been kicking myself for it. I'm definitely getting this year's! :-)

  2. Great share! Even I have some awesome collection of matte lipstick shades online at Majorbrands.


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