Hockey and lipsticks.

Trying to multitask here. I'm watching my team cling to that last hope of a playoff chance. C'mon Sharks! 

It's been a very exciting week for Miss Running Lipstick Queen. I see so many changes in myself. Confidence. I've always been a confident person. I've always believed in myself. But having so many people believe in me too? It's crazy. It's not just one or two or family or close friends. It's a bunch of strangers I've never met. People I call my friends now. I couldn't be more blessed. 

So I know it's been a few days since I've come around and I really need to stop that. I was sick that's totally my excuse. Lemme tell you, I HATE being sick. I was so miserable. Just when I thought I felt better, there it was again. And I haven't worked out since Sunday. Fml. I need to step. It. Up. I mean, how the heck can I call myself "running lipstick queen" if I'm not even running? EXACTLY. 

A couple things I'm trying to get serious about. First off, I'm trying to be financially smart about this adventure. So my secondary bank account, that I've been using mostly for my car payments, is now my "beauty account." I've bought quite a few things to keep me busy and get me started for at least a month this past week. So I will be holding off on an major purchases for the rest of April. I need to start tracking everything properly and looking for the best bargains there is. 

Second, I'm officially prepared for my giveaway. I know my last blog I mentioned I had everything picked out, well now I have it all purchased. Here's a look. 
I cannot stress this enough. These are NOT my photos. Again NOT MY PHOTOS. Not my swatches. Not my lips. Not my arms. Not my palette. The top left photo is, as marked, taken from @makeupbyjesi on Instagram. Top and bottom right are from And bottom left is from BH Cosmetics website. In addition to the above posted, I'm giving away my favorite lipliner NYX Mauve. 

Thirdly, I've made my decision to begin blogging on or around my birthday. More than likely I'll be filming the day before and posting on my birthday. It's my evil way of getting my friends to watch my video. ;) In addition to this, at the end of this month in taking the first step to buying my first home. I know... CRAZY. I just have commitment issues, OKAY. In the long run this will benefit the future of my vlogging, right? I'm really excited to share this even bigger and exciting commitment as it takes place. And the best part? You're damn right I'm looking for a house with an extra room I can call my beauty room. <3333 

Tuesday, as you recall, I received Mac Bao Bao Wan's Sunrise. It was super pretty. Well, Wednesday I received the Mac Philip Treacy Lippie Collection! I only ordered Hollywood Cerise and Cardinal because I already have No Faux Pas from the Heirloolm collection this last fall. My immediate reaction? OH. EM. GEE. HOLLYWOOD CERISE IS SO PRETTY. I was not expecting to fall in love. It's a vibrant pink with Violet undertones and a satin finish. I cannot tell you enough how gorgeous this color is! Let's have a look at both first. 
Ooooooooh. Hearty eyessss. Right!? 
Okay moving on. Presenting Mac Philip Treacy lippy in Hollywood Cerise. 
Dos mijo! It's so beautiful. *hearty eyes emoji* *crying emoji* *heart emoji* 
Do ya see it? Do ya love it? Do ya just OBSESS OVER IT LIKE ME? Yes. All of the above. But let's take a close up look at it with the tube up to the lips. You know me, always making sure to cover all aspects of lighting. 
Still. So. Pretty. <333 
Now here's them all with my face. 
By the way, I definitely straightened my hair Wednesday. I felt so pretty! And we'll take a look at my make up of the day at the end of this post too! Next up, Mac Philip Treacy Lippy in Cardinal. 
Because I don't have very many satin reds I really love this one. It's a very casual and cool red with some blue undertones. It's definitely an amazing day red. 
Seriously, every time I like at my swatches I fall more and more in love. It's just such a pretty red. It might be similar to Mac Red. I'll have to do a side by side eventually. 
Now that I think of it, it also reminds me of Too Faced Melted Velvet. Maybe? Yea? Amiwrong? Another swatch comparison for another day. 
I loved this color on its own. I was wearing purple eyeshadow and I don't think they look well together. But that is my own personal opinion. 

Now let's breakdown my makeup of the day. 
I love this look. Then again, the more confident I get, the more I love ALL my looks. This is good to me. 
Eyes: I used my BH Cosmetics Eyes on the 70's palette I used a shimmer purple on the crease, a Violet on the corner blended in, and white in the center of my eyelid. I used Elizabeth Mott's You're So Fine Glitterati liquid liner. This was my second day using Pür mascara. BH Cosmetics eyebrow trip kit in dark. 
Lips: Mac's Flat Out Fabulous over OCC's Lydia lip liner. I did a very very light blend of them. I didn't want Lydia to completely overpower the prettiness of Flat Out Fabulous. 

*We interrupt this blog to announce that the San Jose Sharks have win their 4th of 5 games!!!!! Yasssss. 

Okay, so before I call it a night I wanted to talk really quick about Thursday. Thursday I received my "Full Lips" thingy. The thing that makes your lips more full? Anyways, I HATE IT. I'm a very patient person and I'm not a complete idiot so this thing can't be that difficult to figure out. I tried and tried and tried and failed. I even took a break and tried again. NOPE. Maybe the one I got is just too big? I don't know, but whatever the reason I hate it. 

Coming up on my next blog, Mac Is Beauty's Silly and Real Doll. (And the story to go with it) 

Until then, stay beautiful and curious. Because that's what's keeping you here and reading, amirite? <3333 



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