Sephora Secret Stash

Hello again! 

Do you ever have those days where you just feel super pretty. But not the whole day. Like the Sex and the City quote "not all day everyday..." Well, you know the rest. Something about that new Cinderella Mystery Princess shimmering powder that makes me feel pretty lately. 
A little sass, a little mystery, and a little shimmery to start off a girl's day. 

I actually wore Mac Royal Ball at the beginning of the day. It's such a subtle but beautiful color. The lustre has just the right amount of shimmer. I love the pink. The wear is reasonable considering I had my cup of coffee and never ending filled water bottle. As I recall, I applied once more before lunch. This was mostly to photograph the color for my blog and Instagram. I failed. Some days I just cannot take decent lip swatches.

Later in the day, as I prepared for my lunchtime gym session/run, I decided to organize my workout clothes. There's something absolutely motivating about seeing your clothes organized and laid out in front of you. 
Hell, if I'm laying my clothes out in such a presentable and confident fashion, then I better put my ass to work. It was a difficult treadmill run, to be honest. But alas, 5 miles later I was preparing to shower and meet with my 3:30 client. 

Naturally, once I got back to the office I had a quick 5 minutes to touch up my makeup. I opted to go with a different lippy this time. Afternoons call for bolder colors. I didn't want fun and flirty, I wanted daring and sassy. Where do I go? I chose my new favorite, Sephora Blackberry Sorbet lip cream stain.
This color is STUNNING. Absolutely flawless. And the wear is fantastic. After I applied this gorgeous lip stain, I had my post workout snack. I enjoyed my apple and coconut milk with no second thought of my lippy. 

My meeting started late when I got stuck on a phone call. I didn't have time to touch up my lipstick by the time my client showed up and begin meeting with the attorney. Once the call ended, I walked straight into the meeting. I hoped and prayed and kept my fingers crossed that my lipstick hadn't feathered or that I didn't let any slip on to my teeth.  
I made it through my meeting and booked it to the mirror and just as I hoped, no lipstick on my teeth. 

I took a couple swatches. The color is so difficult to capture. It made me look too pale in some photos which doesn't give the right impression and in others it looked like more of a berry color. FINALLY, I was able get the color just right. 
Perfect berry wine color with violet undertones. Flawless, amirite? 

For $13 it's beyond perfection. So why wouldn't you pick one up? 


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