Holy Queen Supreme!

I'm really really excited right now and today and this week. It's going so perfect! My Jeffree Star's came in a day early so you bet your sweet ass I'm excited. I made sure to pack all my old Jeffree Star's because of course I knew I was going to take pics once they all arrived. I still til this day wish I had ordered Unicorn Blood and Celebrity Skin. April. I have got to keep reminding myself they'll be released in April. I have enough to keep me busy until then, right?

I don't know what I did to deserve this, but the mail man came super early. Like almost two hours early. I could barely open the package I was so excited. This is nothing out of the ordinary for me, sadly. I'm a WRECK when it comes to excitement. I was scrambling to take them out of their boxes *cue hallelujah chorus* until at last, I had them perfectly aligned. PHOTO TIME.

Left to Right: Jeffree Star Red Rum, I'm Royalty, Prom Night, Queen Supreme, and 714
First up? Jeffree Star Queen Supreme. It's the most beautiful lipstick I own at the moment. And I wish I was playing. It's the perfect Malibu Barbie pink with just the right amount of lilac undertones. I'm pretty sure that's exactly how Jeffree Star described it too. I love when a lipstick matches it's description. 

As you can see below, it's perfection. I like to hold the lipstick up to my lips because swatches can be tricky. When I don't have something to contrast with it, my lip color always appears lighter and my skin gets washed out. That's why in the top left quadrant it appears lighter! 

Here's the quadrants broken down.

The formula is just like the old ones. Jeffree Star didn't change anything about it. I was going on 3 hours before I decided I wanted to swatch 714. I wiped away my Queen Supreme with a very heavy heart. I really didn't wanna take it off! But alas, I did such thing. 

I still give his lippies 10 out of 10. They aren't as drying as ABH or KVD and the wear is forever. It's a little difficult to remove without makeup wipes and the removing of it dries the lips a little if you're not using them. I did a quick comparison of Jeffree Star to Kat Von D here  

As I mentioned in that post Jeffree Star Cosmetics retail for $18 for .18 oz but are only available on his website for now. Shipping is $5.95. The most recent update stands that 714 may be becoming a part of his permanent line along with Red Rum, I'm Royalty, Prom Night, Celebrity Skin, and Unicorn Blood. I believe Wierdo is also in that lineup! He will be restocking again next month. If I were you, I'd keep an eye out on Jeffree Star and Jeffree Star Cosmetics Instagram for updates! 

I'll be back tonight with swatches of 714. Until then, XoXo. <3 


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