What did I get myself into!? I don't know who you all are or what you all think, but you have made me one happy girl. Whether you're here because my Pinterest links brought you, my Instagram photos made you smile, or my tweets made you curious, you're here! You're reading. Or maybe you're my mommy checking up on me. HI MOM! Thank you for the support. <3

Carrying on. Did I mention I celebrated my two month "instaversary" on the 23rd? You know, my Instagram anniversary. Ha. I'm funny. Just kidding. But I really am though. N E WAYS. My goal was 200 followers. AND I HIT. Baby steps. "Coming out" seemed to have really helped, but for the most part I have GENUINE followers. People who actually enjoy viewing what I have to post. There's a set group of ladies that like everything I post and I can't tell you enough how much this makes me melt. My heart grows three times bigger. I feel proud.

So what's next? I'm officially on all platforms. I've made it successfully (in a short amount of time) on Instagram. I seem to be attracting readers on blogger. I have a Twitter, but it's not very popular. YET. Working on that. And, of course, my newest is Tumblr. Not much traffic there, but it's been ONE day. YouTube. I have my eye on you Tube of You. You know I'm coming for you. Not now, but soon. Something about half assing things isn't in me. 

It's official. Next on my list of accomplishments is YouTube. 

I've acquired some amazing goodies this week and the best and rest is yet to come!! Monday my Mac Julia Petits came in!! Lemme tell you, THEY ARE GORGEOUS. I can't even begin to describe. So instead I'll show you.  
This is indirect light with the sun behind me. Top features Mac Julia Petit in Acai. How stunning is it?! It's funny, in my snapchat photo it comes off with a violet tint. Still a beautiful color. Bottom we see Mac Julia Petit in Boca. I have a few different nudes and this is by far my favorite. Bravo, Mac. Bravo. 

I know a lot of people were underwhelmed with this collection. If you check out the dupes on Instagram, you'll see there's a few comparable and more affordable. According to some, Mac's Faux is a dupe to Mac Boca and Mac's Rebel is a dupe to Mac Acai. Good thing I don't own either one of the others, right? ;) 

Let's have an up close look. Mac Acai. 
I'm telling you, this color is amazing. I can't get enough of it. And I'll probably wear it tomorrow. How can I not? Then again...I have quite a few surprises in store delivered tomorrow. 

Now Mac Boca
This is important. The color alone is pretty friggen gorgeous, but on the right above I used NYX Mauve lip liner as a base. It's a subtle difference. To me it's huge, however I know some people will say I'm crazy. Maybe I am! :)) 

Now that we are done sidetracking, I wanna give a little insight on what I'm aiming for with these next few months. As of this exact moment I am sitting at 271 followers. How? Don't ask me. Just two days ago I was trying to get 200 and here I am on the verge of hitting 300. I'm in just as much shock as you all are. ROSIE? 300? In less than 3 months? In less than 8 weeks? NO WAY. But here I am. 

Originally I had intended to host my first giveaway at 300. Clearly I'm not prepared for it yet. So I'm aiming for 500! Readers, if you're here because of my Instagram, TELL YOUR FRIENDS. I'm beyond excited to host my first mini giveaway. I already have my prizes chosen. The ultimate/ long standing goal is 1k by my birthday and an even bigger giveaway. Is it possible? We'll never know. Guess that means everyone has to stay tuned! <3

Now before I call it a night I wanted to share some of my goodies that have arrive this week and will be coming in these next few days. 

Monday: Mac Julia Petit Acai and Boca
Tuesday: Coastal Scents concealer palette with blending sponges 
Wednesday: BH cosmetics eyeshadow palettes 
Thursday: ABH Liquid lipsticks && OCC Lip Tar kit 
Friday: LASpash lipsticks 

What a week, eh? I'm stoked. Today I worked on my "contouring" and I wasn't bad! I just have to keep practicing. Especially before I invest in a more expensive contouring kit. Wanna see? Don't laugh. 
Tomorrow is a new day. We'll see how that turns out. If you're reading this now, come back tomorrow. Kthnxbye. 


  1. Amazing that you got the Boca and Acai from Julia's Colections!! :)

    1. I stayed up 3 different nights for it! I'm so glad because it was worth it. Boca is beautiful. <3


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