714 in the 509.

Get it?
"714 in the 509"

Now, here's me making an ass of myself and assuming, but you can clearly see where I got the idea. 714 is a California area code,  just like 509 is my area code. I figure that's why he named it 714, because he's from California. Ya dig? Lol. 

Anyway whatever moving on I feel lame now. 

Yesterday I was planning on showing my Jeffree Star Cosmetics Velour Liquid Lipstick in 714 and I got distracted. A few of us went to dinner where I ate my life in carbs and then I had a date with Cinderella! <3 Lemme tell you, I wasn't expecting amazing. I was expecting good. Maybe even pretty good. But the new Cinderella is amazing. Prince Charming, Kit, was soooo handsome and wonderful and charming indeed. ;) 

So here I am now finally showing you Jeffree Star Cosmetic's 714. 

Story time. 

I was not going to buy this color. Not even a maybe. I just didn't like it. I was like nahhhh it's too pastel. It's too coral. It's too peach. It's better for fair skin. Not me. I mean, I was hesitant when it came to Queen Supreme, but I saw swatches on tan skin and fell in love. The lilac undertones in Queen Supreme definitely complemented my skin more. Hello....you saw it. 714 was a big NO to me. Just wasn't happening. 

As the day of the release got closer, Jeffree Star kept posting more photos and swatches of 714. Still nah. Still not in love. Still meh. I just wasn't attracted to it. Come night of the release and I'm debating and debating and debating. Obviously I ended up buying it. I bought it with the backup plan that if I didn't like it, I'd give it away or even sell it for a fraction of the price. 

5 days later, Jeffree Star Cosmetics arrive, I swatch Queen Supreme, I fall in love and hesitate removing, but I end up removing my perfect lipstick [Queen Supreme] and moving on to 714. 

This is important. I FELL IN LOVE AGAIN. 714 went above and beyond any of my minimal expectations. Clearly the formula and wear and pigmentation would be amazing, but the color? On me? Let me repeat myself, BEYOND EXPECTATIONS. I felt beautiful. And it's mother approved. ;) 

My swatches don't look too great and to be honest, it might have something to do with when I removed Queen Supreme it dried my lips. However, that's only because I didn't use make up remover wipes. I used a plain tissue. You know, the Costco kind. 

As per usual, I swatched it with the lip container against my lips. That seems to give the more accurate color and lighting. It's a peach coral pink pastel perfection! Honestly, it's the perfect spring color. I'm a little skeptical about how it'll look starting this summer. I get reeeeeally tan during the summer. We shall see. 
And then of course I present to you 714 WITHOUT the lip container against my lips. It's a little more pale, but still beautiful. 
A must have for all girls of all skin tones. And the good news? It was so highly requested that Jeffree Star is making it a part of his regular collection. You're welcome! 

Coming up on my next blog: 
E.L.F Disney Jasmine and a Good vs. Evil  Beauty books and eye and face collections.  <3333


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