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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Day 5.

And no end in sight. 
Yes, I am still sick. 
I've been to work every day this week (I know it's been two but it feels like 12) and I've been miserable. The only thing keeping me going is my addiction to makeup. That, and I have makeup delivered every day this week. Monday was my LASplash lippies and today was my Mac Bao Bao Wan Forbidden Sunrise. I'm in love with them all. I was a complete idiot and deleted all my photos from my phone forgetting I was going to blog tonight. Okay that's a lie. I've been trying to blog for almost 3 days now. I should have just deleted up until the days before my last blog. :( 

I have so much to blog about, but I don't want to work my brain more than I already have to daily. I know. I am soooo dramatic. DEAL WITH IT BECAUSE I'M SICK. K THNX LOVE YOU ALL FOR STILL READING. 

Moving on. 

I'm so proud of myself. I just want to cry tears of happiness about how far I've come. And the support from everyone? RIDICULOUS. I could not have been more blessed or asked for more. As of this moment I am sitting at 368 followers. I'm still a long way from 500, but I really feel it's around the corner. I've already started purchasing my giveaway prizes! Beyond excited. I think I'm more excited to host a giveaway than to reach 500 followers. Just sayinggggg. 

But let's rewind for a second to Sunday. After being sick in bed all day Saturday I told myself I NEEDED to get out. Sometimes fresh air helps clear my head and I can breathe better. *cough bullshit cough* Really it's the fact that I hate not being active. I can be lazy, but when I'm forced to be lazy I'm miserable. So I went to badger. Before I did, I told myself I'd get ready. I wanted to look pretty. So I outdid myself with my makeup of the day.

Let's have a look.
PRETTY RIGHT!? Tell me yes plz. <3 
Details are as follows. 
Eyes: Urban Decay Cosmetics Naked 3 palette with Liar on the eyelid, Factory on the crease, Strange on the brow bone. Sephora eyeliner in Pure White with Kat Von D tattoo liner in Trooper. Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara and BH Cosmetics dark eyebrow kit. 
Lips: Mac Runner. 

I really love this look. Probably one of my favorites up until this learning point. I can't wait to see more progress. I love everyone that's following me on this addictive journey.  C'mon, we all love makeup. 
So Monday. 
All the sickness, all the sass, all the glitz and glamour of new lippies. Top to bottom go Nymph-Adora (YOU ARE DAMN RIGHT THAT'S A HARRY POTTER REFERENCE), Ghoulish (Lime Crime Cashmere dupe), Jasmine (YES, named after Princess Jasmine), and Lady. There's actually an entire collection named after or influenced by Disney princesses and Harry Potter. Heart eyes for days. Two of my FAVORITES. I actually swatched them all but since I have 3 more coming I'll just wait to show them all at once. 

Now Tuesday. 
What do you think!? 
I know before I said I only wanted Mac Lavender Jade, but this was the only one I could get my hands on. Presenting Mac Bao Bao Wan's Forbidden Sunrise. Beautiful though. I was very surprised how much I loved it. In fact, here's a selfie.  
That's kinda it for now. My mind is all over the place so I think I've confused my readers enough. 

If you're reading this and haven't followed me on Instagram, DO IT! Thank you <3

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Saturday blues

I wanted nothing more than to blog yesterday, but I didn't. I'm serious too. I received my Anastasia Beverly Hills liquid lipsticks yesterday, why wouldn't I wanna blog and share? Unfortunately, I woke up sick (even more sick it seems today) and I just wanna curl up in a ball miserable. But I can't. So here I am attempting productivity.

Nothing says happy Saturday! Like Phantom of the Opera while blogging in bed. The modern day one with Gerard (hubba hubba) Butler and Emmy Rossum, ya know? There isn't one thing I hate about Phantom of the Opera. I remember reading the book in high school and falling in absolute love. It was just soooo beautiful. And then I discovered the modern day movie and was even more in love. I rented it and locked myself in my room and watched it on repeat. It is perfection. And quite honestly, it follows the book pretty dang well. You don't get that often. 

While on the Phantom of the Opera subject, let's not forget my vacation in New York last year where I actually saw it on Broadway..... Wait, I need a moment because the thought is actually bringing tears to my eyes..... It was the most wonderful and magical experience ever.  Throwback moment. 

As I left the theater this was the one photo I took. <33 Funny story, before I even made it to the theater I told everyone I would probably cry minutes in because I'm a huge sap and I love the story so much. Sure enough within SECONDS tears were pouring down my eyes. As soon as I heard that monkey music box it was history. My entire body was covered in goosebumps. I was hypnotized. If ever you get the chance to see one of your favorite stories on Broadway, do it. Do not miss that experience. ESPECIALLY in New York. That was one thing off my bucket list. 

Now that I'm completely side tracked (what is makeup even) maybe we should try and get back to what this was all really supposed to be about. That thing called makeup. 

Anastasia Beverly Hills liquid lipstick. 

I've purchased these before, but just two. And I finally just caved and bought a few more. YES, I bought Heathers. Now I can stop complaining about my regrets of buying Vamp over it. Don't ever get me wrong, Vamp is a gorgeous color, but it just isn't an everyday color for me. Every day colors are pinks and reds and nudes. Especially working an office job, ya dig? 

Let's have a look. 

Pretty, ain't it? It's a deep red. Like Burgundlgy! However you would describe it, it's still beautiful. I don't know what it is about these deep reds though, but they tend to run a bit more drying. ABH generally has a decent matte finish. It may have been that this was the last lippy I swatched and it also happened to be after lunch (which ruined my perfect Sad Girl lips). I still absolutely love this color. 

Norvina did good. REAL GOOD. This color is a absolute perfection. It's a wine colored shimmer with violet undertones. I took a million selfies in it. 
And let's not forget my super artsy wanna be modeling photo. 
I really love this photo of myself btw. Yes, I did use a filter and YES I am still wearing Sad Girl.

Can we talk about the eyes? 
I love this look so much. It's so basic and classy. I used the BH Cosmetics Hollywood palette. Yellow on the eyelid and gold on the crease and under eye. Eyeliner is the gold shimmer from the E.L.F. Cosmetics Jasmine eye collection. I used Kat Von D tattoo liner in Trooper over the gold liner to give my eyes some depth. Let's be real, I have small eyes. They tend to disappear. Mascara is Too Faced Better Than Sex. The eyebrow kit is also from BH Cosmetics in dark. I'm getting better, aren't I!? :)) 

That's it for now. I actually have a migraine and it's taken me 4 hours to finish this because of this sickness. That, and I was distracted by Sharks hockey (they wonnnnnn!) so I'm just finishing now. 

I might be back later tonight. We'll see. 

PS. My day was made when my Sharks makeup hockey photo was liked by one of my favorite MUAs on Instagram. 
Gotta go nap now. Or watch Shahs of Sunsets. Who knows. Bye now. 

Friday, March 27, 2015

Crying for myself.

While I listen to the Broadway and movie version soundtracks of Jersey Boys on repeat, I'm sad to report I am sad. Okay not really, but definitely bummed. Today I was supposed to receive my Anastasia Beverly Hills lippies, but they're not going out until tomorrow. And my LASpash lippies were supposed to come tomorrow, turns out they might not even be here until Monday! Sad day indeed, amirite? Alas, I shall move on from this sadness.

I mentioned last night my BH Cosmetics were to arrive yesterday and they did! Four gorgeous and amazing palettes. I was so impressed and happy with my purchase. Best part? Less than $30 (with shipping) for all four. 
That eyebrow kit is my new savior. For $4.95 it's the best I've ever come across. Then again, I don't really have any other "kits" to compare it to. I have a few pencils and they just don't cut it the way these kits do. I'm in love with my eyebrows now. I just have to get used to them being filled. 

I dipped into the Eyes on the 70's kit. The colors I went with weren't the most bright and I didn't use a primer so they're almost muted. But for the lips I had yesterday it was a perfect combination. 
The palette doesn't have any named eyeshadows, but I went with the two pinks next to each other. I used Pencil Me In eyeliner in Amethyst with a line of Kat Von D tattoo liner in Trooper over. No mascara because I keep forgetting to pack some. Whoops! BUT REALLY. Take a look at my eyebrows. The difference! 
Let's agree to not laugh because while I made some attempt the day before yesterday, I didn't have anything to work with so I half assed them. Embarrassing. Notice my little bald spot? It just doesn't seem to take anything I apply to it. 

What do you think? 

Today I received my OCC lip tars and blush kit. And I was somewhat disappointed. Maybe it's just one of those days where my lips hate me. Lord knows I have a lot of those days. 

Pretty goodies! 

I waited all day to post a look for today's makeup. First of all, I'm in love with my new eyes shadow! Bf surprised me with the Naked 3 palette (which I was going to pick up next week) because yesterday was the most stressful day ever. I'm tearing up thinking about it. Stress and me just don't get along. So I wore a few of the colors today. 

Let's take a look at the swatches. 
Firs and foremost lets get to the fact that I refused to buy this palette originally. That's why I opted for Naked 2 instead. I have so many rosy tones in my skin that I kinda thought it would be a waste. Boy was I wrong. Aside from the obvious blending colors, I love every single one against my skin tone! Nooner though.... I DIE. It's the most wonderful and beautiful color ever. My favorite on all three Naked palettes. What is PERFECTION. 

Today a created an amazingggg look. I'm so in love with it. Idk how the rest of these beauty bloggers do it, but damn, some looks are just not camera happy. Today's look barely came across the way I wanted it to in photo. Let's have a look.

For once we are going to start with the eyes.  
I went all Naked 3 palette. 
Strange on the brow bone, Nooner on the crease, and Buzz on the eyelid. Eyeliner is Kat Von D tattoo liner in Trooper (obviously), and mascara is Too Faced Better than Sex. If you don't love it, I'm sorry. But I do. <3 

Lips now. I want to say I was extremely frustrated. With today's lips. I received my OCC Lip Tar and lip liner, both in Lydia. I love the colors so much. I've seen amazing swatches, but I just could not get the color right. After repeated attempts in direct sunlight I had to go natural bathroom light. I don't usually do this, but to get the color close to "real life" there was no avoiding it. 
It's a gorgeous plum mauve color! I wish you could see it more accurately. This tube of Lip Tar wasn't like my last few. A bit more difficult to work with a cane off quite easily. My heart is broken. I did kinda squish the tube around to see if maybe the formulae separated and that seemed to help the second time around. So if yours seems to be acting funny, give that a try. 

Anyway, is anyone out there? SAY HI ALREADY. 


Wednesday, March 25, 2015



What did I get myself into!? I don't know who you all are or what you all think, but you have made me one happy girl. Whether you're here because my Pinterest links brought you, my Instagram photos made you smile, or my tweets made you curious, you're here! You're reading. Or maybe you're my mommy checking up on me. HI MOM! Thank you for the support. <3

Carrying on. Did I mention I celebrated my two month "instaversary" on the 23rd? You know, my Instagram anniversary. Ha. I'm funny. Just kidding. But I really am though. N E WAYS. My goal was 200 followers. AND I HIT. Baby steps. "Coming out" seemed to have really helped, but for the most part I have GENUINE followers. People who actually enjoy viewing what I have to post. There's a set group of ladies that like everything I post and I can't tell you enough how much this makes me melt. My heart grows three times bigger. I feel proud.

So what's next? I'm officially on all platforms. I've made it successfully (in a short amount of time) on Instagram. I seem to be attracting readers on blogger. I have a Twitter, but it's not very popular. YET. Working on that. And, of course, my newest is Tumblr. Not much traffic there, but it's been ONE day. YouTube. I have my eye on you Tube of You. You know I'm coming for you. Not now, but soon. Something about half assing things isn't in me. 

It's official. Next on my list of accomplishments is YouTube. 

I've acquired some amazing goodies this week and the best and rest is yet to come!! Monday my Mac Julia Petits came in!! Lemme tell you, THEY ARE GORGEOUS. I can't even begin to describe. So instead I'll show you.  
This is indirect light with the sun behind me. Top features Mac Julia Petit in Acai. How stunning is it?! It's funny, in my snapchat photo it comes off with a violet tint. Still a beautiful color. Bottom we see Mac Julia Petit in Boca. I have a few different nudes and this is by far my favorite. Bravo, Mac. Bravo. 

I know a lot of people were underwhelmed with this collection. If you check out the dupes on Instagram, you'll see there's a few comparable and more affordable. According to some, Mac's Faux is a dupe to Mac Boca and Mac's Rebel is a dupe to Mac Acai. Good thing I don't own either one of the others, right? ;) 

Let's have an up close look. Mac Acai. 
I'm telling you, this color is amazing. I can't get enough of it. And I'll probably wear it tomorrow. How can I not? Then again...I have quite a few surprises in store delivered tomorrow. 

Now Mac Boca
This is important. The color alone is pretty friggen gorgeous, but on the right above I used NYX Mauve lip liner as a base. It's a subtle difference. To me it's huge, however I know some people will say I'm crazy. Maybe I am! :)) 

Now that we are done sidetracking, I wanna give a little insight on what I'm aiming for with these next few months. As of this exact moment I am sitting at 271 followers. How? Don't ask me. Just two days ago I was trying to get 200 and here I am on the verge of hitting 300. I'm in just as much shock as you all are. ROSIE? 300? In less than 3 months? In less than 8 weeks? NO WAY. But here I am. 

Originally I had intended to host my first giveaway at 300. Clearly I'm not prepared for it yet. So I'm aiming for 500! Readers, if you're here because of my Instagram, TELL YOUR FRIENDS. I'm beyond excited to host my first mini giveaway. I already have my prizes chosen. The ultimate/ long standing goal is 1k by my birthday and an even bigger giveaway. Is it possible? We'll never know. Guess that means everyone has to stay tuned! <3

Now before I call it a night I wanted to share some of my goodies that have arrive this week and will be coming in these next few days. 

Monday: Mac Julia Petit Acai and Boca
Tuesday: Coastal Scents concealer palette with blending sponges 
Wednesday: BH cosmetics eyeshadow palettes 
Thursday: ABH Liquid lipsticks && OCC Lip Tar kit 
Friday: LASpash lipsticks 

What a week, eh? I'm stoked. Today I worked on my "contouring" and I wasn't bad! I just have to keep practicing. Especially before I invest in a more expensive contouring kit. Wanna see? Don't laugh. 
Tomorrow is a new day. We'll see how that turns out. If you're reading this now, come back tomorrow. Kthnxbye. 

Monday, March 23, 2015

Wanna Be Jasmine

I wish I were a princess. Or a Queen. But really, a Disney Princess. More specifically, Princess Jasmine. She's perfect. I understand everyone loves Cinderella and Ariel and Aurora, but I'm different. I love Jasmine. There's something special about her being one of the first brunette brown eyed Disney Princess with tan skin. <3 That, and the fact that Aladdin was a street rat hunk. 

I briefly mentioned before my E.L.F. Disney Jasmine collection purchase. And until Saturday I had yet to use it. I was pleasantly surprised by it! 
Does this look like I'm addicted? 
Four different collections featured above each priced under $10. The collection I used the eye collection Saturday which was one of the $4.99 sets. Crazy cheap! I was pleasantly surprised by the pigmentation and the color staying power, to be honest. Let's be real, some people are turned off by the idea of non name brand makeup. Not Urban Decay? Pass. Doesn't smell like Too Faced Chocolate? Sucks. That's our mentality, right? If we aren't paying $49 for makeup then it cannot possibly be good.

This is false. So very false.

Saturday's look was quite the bargain deal. It lasted ALL day and the color didn't fade. Let's take a look.

Wow jeez. I must have spent a fortune on the above products, amirite? Yea, no. I didn't. I believe the most expensive thing above might have been the Smashbox photo finish primer. At a whopping $15 during last year's 21 days of beauty sale at Ulta, I was really breaking the bank. ;) Second most expensive? Physician's Formula Argan oil bronzer at $14.95. The rest was under $10 or came as a part of my monthly Ipsy subscription. WAIT PAUSE. I lied. Ugh. I hate being wrong. But obviously my Mac Kelly Yum Yum was over $17. No ragrets though. None. 

No let's FINALLY get to my Saturday look. 
Starting with the lips! My favorite, of course. I started with NYX Fuschia SPL 816 lip liner all over the lips as a base. I know, I know. Rosie, why don't you use Mac lip liner? Wellllllll, as I mentioned before, I don't like spending the moolah that I could be using on another lipstick on lip liner. But for now, that is just me. I'm cheap, OKAY. Deal with it....for now. ;) So I lined and filled the lips and topped with a beautiful coat of Mac's Limited Edition Kelly Yum Yum. This color is flawless. It was 10:30 at night and I was still rocking that bright fuschia lippy. 

Below we dig into the eyes. Can we not comment on my eyebrows? They're a wreck, I know. I ordered my first eyebrow kit last week and I hope to get it soon! It just hasn't shipped yet! 
As you can see, I'm still a work in progress. I'm learning. I still send all my pics to Miranda because she has the whole eye shadow and blending thing down pat. 

The look. 
None of the E.L.F eye shadows on this palette had names so I'm just going to refer to them by their tone/color. On the brow bone I used the cream color, the one that actually has the E.L.F label on it. Then I hit the crease and edges with the soft purple and blended it into the bronze gold. I also used a bit of the purple to highlight under the eye below my eyeliner. I was not disappointed. Again, I am STILL working on that blending technique, but I am getting better. The eye liner? I am in love! I received it in my Ipsy a few months back and oh my word it's beyond magnificent! Elizabeth Mott "You're So Fine" glitterati liquid liner. I couldn't stop staring at it. Can you blame me? I finished the look with a set of the Eye Splash eyelashes and a coat of Benefit's "They're Real" mascara. Another beauty scored from Ipsy. Love love love! 
Complete look. ♥ 
Any tips or advice? I love this look and felt like such a pretty princess indeed.

Oh! Before I forget and say byyye, I also wanted to share my Saturday goodies. 
I found the most AMAZING blush for $5.99 at Marshall's and a few other cute adds at Rue 21. Check it out! 
Those sunglasses, btw, $5 and super cute. ;) 

Seeeeeee. K bye for reals now. <3

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Pants on fire.

Liar liar. 

Now I know I said I would be blogging about my Disney E.L.F haul, but I am beyond proud of yesterday's accomplishments. I "came out." And no, not from the closet, weirdos! I finally announced my "beauty Instagram." The only reason for this is because I finally felt confident enough to. 

So as you know, I've been practicing and practicing and still sucking at doing my eyes. I mean, come on, I'm a perfectionist. I still suck, but I'm better. Some of the posts I've seen.... Lord no. :(
Yesterday though....yesterday I was determined! I don't even know what it was about it. But after my semi success with my St. Patrick's day look, I had to try again. So I did. 

First look? 
I really really loved my lips yesterday. I used NYX Mauve all over the lips as a base. I've really come to love using a base. Before I was like "blah blah blah, lip liners suck, you just want my money, lipstick only." You know the tune. And who could blame me? SOME LIP LINER SELLS FOR $26! This may be the "beauty on a budget" in me, but all my lipsticks range from $5.99 to $24. One day I'll branch off to the more expensive ones, but I like having a variety for now. 

Anyway! Back to my face. That first look? It was ok, right? That's what I thought at least. So my lips have NYX Mauve as the base with Anastasia Beverly Hills in Pure Hollywood liquid lipstick all over the lips. Here's where I decided to get "adventurous," I added just the most minimal amount of Anastasia Beverly Hills Vamp to highlight the edges of my lips. Vamp is a warm red. And by warm I mean it is a very brown color. I was kinda bummed, if you recall from my previous post a while back, that it wasn't more of a vamp color. You know, blood red or something vampy. I haven't used it much but yesterday it was PERFECT for what I was going for. 
I sent the above photo to my VQ aka eye shadow guru. She has the eyeshadow thing DOWN. I envy her. But she had some amazing advice for me. 

I took the advice to heart. She was right. I looked at my before photo and though, I can do better. And I did. At least to my own standards. See below. 

I used my Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette. Champagne Truffle on the brow bone, Candied Velvet on the crease, and Creme brûlée on the eyelid. 
Eyeline is Kat Von D tattoo liner in Trooper over E.L.F Jasmine golden shimmer liner. 
Mascara was Too Faced Better Than Sex. 

Well? What do you think!? Not bad right? I'm pretty proud of it. I know I'll get better. I feel like eyeshadow is something I go through in phases. Like some years in amazing, while others I completely blow. I'm trying to find a happy middle. 

Closeup of the lips. 
To be completely honest, I love my lips. They came out just as I hoped. 

Now the eyes. Don't be cruel! If I'm airing all my weaknesses out, please understand that my eyebrows need attention. Haha. Big time. I just forget about them. Not that I can't do them, it's just that I forget to get my eyebrow pen or brush or powder. But that'll change. 
I was very proud of how my eyeliner came out. I'm not bad at wings so I don't mean that, but the gold over line. I'm not used to going two tone eyeliner. And it could have ended bad, but in all honesty it really didn't. 
What do you think? 

Friday, March 20, 2015

714 in the 509.

Get it?
"714 in the 509"

Now, here's me making an ass of myself and assuming, but you can clearly see where I got the idea. 714 is a California area code,  just like 509 is my area code. I figure that's why he named it 714, because he's from California. Ya dig? Lol. 

Anyway whatever moving on I feel lame now. 

Yesterday I was planning on showing my Jeffree Star Cosmetics Velour Liquid Lipstick in 714 and I got distracted. A few of us went to dinner where I ate my life in carbs and then I had a date with Cinderella! <3 Lemme tell you, I wasn't expecting amazing. I was expecting good. Maybe even pretty good. But the new Cinderella is amazing. Prince Charming, Kit, was soooo handsome and wonderful and charming indeed. ;) 

So here I am now finally showing you Jeffree Star Cosmetic's 714. 

Story time. 

I was not going to buy this color. Not even a maybe. I just didn't like it. I was like nahhhh it's too pastel. It's too coral. It's too peach. It's better for fair skin. Not me. I mean, I was hesitant when it came to Queen Supreme, but I saw swatches on tan skin and fell in love. The lilac undertones in Queen Supreme definitely complemented my skin more. saw it. 714 was a big NO to me. Just wasn't happening. 

As the day of the release got closer, Jeffree Star kept posting more photos and swatches of 714. Still nah. Still not in love. Still meh. I just wasn't attracted to it. Come night of the release and I'm debating and debating and debating. Obviously I ended up buying it. I bought it with the backup plan that if I didn't like it, I'd give it away or even sell it for a fraction of the price. 

5 days later, Jeffree Star Cosmetics arrive, I swatch Queen Supreme, I fall in love and hesitate removing, but I end up removing my perfect lipstick [Queen Supreme] and moving on to 714. 

This is important. I FELL IN LOVE AGAIN. 714 went above and beyond any of my minimal expectations. Clearly the formula and wear and pigmentation would be amazing, but the color? On me? Let me repeat myself, BEYOND EXPECTATIONS. I felt beautiful. And it's mother approved. ;) 

My swatches don't look too great and to be honest, it might have something to do with when I removed Queen Supreme it dried my lips. However, that's only because I didn't use make up remover wipes. I used a plain tissue. You know, the Costco kind. 

As per usual, I swatched it with the lip container against my lips. That seems to give the more accurate color and lighting. It's a peach coral pink pastel perfection! Honestly, it's the perfect spring color. I'm a little skeptical about how it'll look starting this summer. I get reeeeeally tan during the summer. We shall see. 
And then of course I present to you 714 WITHOUT the lip container against my lips. It's a little more pale, but still beautiful. 
A must have for all girls of all skin tones. And the good news? It was so highly requested that Jeffree Star is making it a part of his regular collection. You're welcome! 

Coming up on my next blog: 
E.L.F Disney Jasmine and a Good vs. Evil  Beauty books and eye and face collections.  <3333