You Better Werk Betch

Jeffree Star Cosmetics are as amazing as Jeffree Star is a human being. Such perfection. 
On December 18th my order for Jeffree Star's Velour liquid lipsticks shipped. On Black Friday presales opened and I jumped at the opportunity for an early Christmas gift to myself. The lipsticks came in three colors: I'm Royalty (a beautiful royal violet with some slight lilacs tones to it), Prom Night (an electric pink that's bright and perfect), and RedRum (the PERFECT deep dark red). I've worn RedRum several times before and you can see I have on I'm Royalty above. 
The packaging is BEYOND gorgeous. Adorable and over the top. The stars on the boxes and bottles are the perfect touch because of Star's last name. They're just fabulous, just like Jeffree Star. The lipsticks are liquid to matte which, by default, means they're amazing. The wear is lasting and there's literally no transfer. So if you're planning on kissing boys or girls, this is your lipstick. ;) 
They take a few minutes to dry. So be patient. 
For today, I wanted to show my naked lips. I always try to get them as blanc as possible. So I start with a basic foundation under my lipsticks. Instead of going around the lips when applying your coverage, just coat the lips lightly and blend. 

*drum roll please* 
Starting with the lightest, Prom Night. Feeling bold? This is it. 
She's a beauty isn't she? 
One of the most perfect reds I own. You must own it if you love red. Better yet, if you love red lipstick that doesn't transfer and lasts FOR-EV-VER. PS. It's hard to not obsess over the name. "RedRum." As a Stephen King fan, this makes me love it infinity times more. Yes, I read the book well before I watched the movie. 
Last but not least, I'm Royalty. 
When you wear it, scream I'M ROYALTY. Because why not? Look at it. It's so different and unique but at the same time you want to wear it. You need to wear it. This is how I felt when I first got it. And in fact, I posted a photo of myself in it. I waited until today to actually selfie in it to post to Instagram though. The response is more than positive. It's so unlike me, yet so like me at the same time. If you're adventurous, you need this color. 

I believe at this time RedRum is still sold out. It should be restocked this month sometime. You can buy the bundle at a discount price once RedRum is restocked. It's worth the wait. 


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