This is important.

Tuesday Viva Glam Miley was released online and was to be released in stores today, January 22nd. I debated (and even added to my shopping cart) buying it online. But then I thought, what about the shipping? What about the waiting? What if anyone else gets it before me? Yes, I'm very competitive. I want it all to show off. Muahaha. Just kidding. I wish. But I do like to have everything I want when I want it. Not to mention the fact that I almost missed out on the last two Viva Glam releases. This is not okay. So I chatted with a Mac specialist who assured me it would be at my local MAC Thursday.

Anyway, my calendar was set since like November to the release date. I'm not kidding either. It was set to remind me two days before.
This morning I had my amazing man willing to get up early and pick up my order. Originally he volunteered to grab it in store, but I checked this morning and it let me order for pick up today online. So I did. Come 10 o'clock he was on his way to pick it up for me. I'm a very lucky girl! It was in my hands by 11 am.

I don't know why I adore it so much.
Alas, here it is. 
It's an amplified creme lipstick. It goes on smooth and the wear is forever. I've been sitting at work drinking water and the color has yet to fade in the last 2+ hours. I took some shots directly in the day light and one in indirect daylight. This color is STUNNING. It reminded me of MAC Full Fuchsia. Remind me to do a side by side eventually. It's hard to capture the color that's in the tube in photo, but the photos show it's amazingness.

 It feels so soft and smooth and amazing and not at all drying on my lips. I'm very glad I didn't wait on this one. I don't know if it would sell out, but I definitely did not want to take my chances. It's bold and beautiful, just like Miley Cyrus. MAC Viva Glam has once again nailed it.

All proceeds from the MAC Viva Glam limited edition collections go towards HIV/AIDS foundation. Even if you don't like the color, but know someone who would, pick one or two up for a good cause. They're available online here or at your local MAC stores. There's also a lip glass, but I am a no gloss kind of girl. Then again, I know a few people I could buy it for. ♥



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