The Power of Makeup.

Today was a great day. Even though I have yet to (and probably won't) workout.  I needed today. A day to myself of just relaxing and reaping the benefits while not being bedridden? PERFECTION.
I woke up at 8 to make sure I didn't miss the 9:30 Rangers game. GLAD I DIDN'T! 
First and foremost, I had my Fit Tea. Last night my Mr. Tea Man came in the mail! I love him. So so much. He's a tea diffuser. And he looks badass doing it. So clearly I'm a fan. Grab your own here. Day two of the detox and I'm still feeling great. I get to eat what I want, although I'm choosing to eat healthy, and I already see changes in my body. I'm sure I'll feel even better tomorrow when I actually workout. I'll keep you posted. 

I've been trying to expand my collection Mac Pro Longwear lipsticks. I love the way they wear.  The only downside is they don't have the greatest selection of colors. I already own Mac Love Forever! and Prolong and I had Unlimited on my wish list, so I finally bought it. Pleased. Happy. Content. I love ittttt. 

Laying down the foundation. If you recall, I picked up NYX Rose lip liner on Friday during my mini haul. I didn't realize how amazing it was. Check it out. For $3.49? SCORE. Actually, if you take into account the fact that you bought one and got one half off that means I got two for $5.25. So that makes one LESS THAN $3! Anyway, since Mac Unlimited is a beige pink (I'm gonna call it a brink) I thought the pink base would be a great addition. 

Check it out! I love it. It even has some violet undertones. I think it's beautiful. It's probably one of my new fave pinks now. I say that about all my new lipsticks I swear! Haha. But this time, it's my fave Pro Longwear. It's even better than Love Forever! I am probably going to wear it tomorrow AGAIN. 

In addition to my perfect lipstick, I tried another set of my new lashes. I'm not sure if I mentioned it because I've been so sick, but I was browsing affordable fake eyelashes to try out. I heard great things about E.L.F and I almost ordered a handful but I continued my search. You know where my go to shopping guide is? AMAZON. I love Amazon. I'm obsessed with Amazon. I live on Amazon. Best part of Amazon? The reviews. I get everything on Amazon. From shoes and clothing, to household necessities. My running shoes are a biggie. They're always a steal. So much cheaper for the exact same shoes you will find elsewhere. And I love reading the reviews from real runners. Seriously, check it out. 

Back to the lashes I found a set of 70 (YES 70!) for $15. You can find them here. There are 7 different styles. I actually took pics of them all and will share them eventually. But for now, I'm still learning on how to apply them best. I'm getting there. Getting better I promise! 
Look at them! As you can see, I still have to work on attaching them closer to the base. But seriously lashes for days. They're probably my favorite set of the bunch. They're much fuller. I had to trim them to fit my eyes because they are kinda long. By long I mean width wise. They make me feel so pretty.
Lipstick and lashes. The power of makeup. 

I'm ready to take on tomorrow. I foresee an amazing week. See you all tomorrow! ❤️ 


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