The Plan.

Woke up and it had snowed. *heart eyes*

I've been up since 7 and have kept nothing but busy. I enjoy my Sundays. I can lay in bed and relax and watch Netflix without worries except the the thought of "when should I gym?" Other days I'm up out of bed, cleaning and doing laundry within minutes of waking up. Today was that day. 

Again, I love my lazy Sundays, but more than that I love love LOVE my productive Sundays. And after my productive Saturday (I started a blog as a recap and never finished at the end of the night), I wanted to continue my great weekend. My favorite part of weekends is being able to make a decent breakfast for myself. And by decent, I mean healthy and energizing. Today I opted for an Aloha green smoothie. 

If you've ever heard of Aloha dried green juice, I HIGHLY recommend. I bought the sample pack from Aloha after seeing an ad through one of my fitness pages. All you pay for is shipping. This pack comes with two original, two berry blend, and two chocolate cacao. Curious? Place your trial order and I'll guarantee you'll love it. Check out the Aloha home page here. 
I like to fancy up my health drinks, so today I added an orange and banana to my green juice. To get it to blend better, I added just about 4 ounces of water. You know, so the powder wouldn't stick to the bottom or sides. It turned out amazing.

After I unloaded the dishwasher and clean up the kitchen a bit, I laid out my yoga mat and found my yoga Pinterest board and searched for some yoga basics. I'm not the best yogi, although I do consider myself a damn good Bikram yogi (which I will be picking up again next week). I narrowed it down to a few options, but once I found the "leg and butt firming sequence" I was sold. I would love nothing more than to tone my ass this year. So I got down and practiced a few of the poses and even a few of my favorite Bikram poses. I did weights at thy gym yesterday so I was way sore. Even my half moon pose hurt to practice. Worth it though. Honestly, my arms are my least favorite part of my body. I will work on that. 
By the end of my practice, I was ready to relax. I found all my Fitness and Women's Health Magazines and began my cheat guide project.I don't have all the supplies yet, but why put it off? I began to cut out all the articles on workouts and fitness tips as well as healthy recipes so I can later put into a binder. I enjoy reading magazines, but with all the advertisements and success stories I wanted something separate so I can grab and go in one spot. Even with technology so conveniently at our fingertips, it's nice to have something organized and visually put together. I'd really like to workout at home more so I'm slowly trying to gather guides and equipment to get me started. I'm very active, but some days I just want to take it easy (and blog while watching Neflix) with a light workout. So here I am. 

Now I need to stop slacking and get ready for the gym. 6 miles and leg day. Go me, right?


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