Saturday randoms.

So much for a lazy Saturday. 

I am ready to sleep for the next 12 hours, but hockey. I mentioned yesterday I was heading back to my hometown to help volunteer at my old high school for their wrestling tournament and it made for such a long day. It's a 40 minute drive and it's quite exhausting to be honest. Or maybe I'm just lazy. Ha. 

Day commenced at 7 am. I'm not gonna lie, I had some gnarly dreams last night. Maybe it was the thought of going back to my old high school, but when I say gnarly, I mean GNARLY. Nothing I want to talk about. That's for dang sure. 

I decided on Kat Von D's Outlaw for the day. No regrets. I didn't take any lip selfies (I actually don't know why I didn't) but I did get an old high school selfie. You know, for old times sake. Please pay attention to my lips. I love this color. 

ACTUALLY, today was 10 years since the last time I participated in the wrestling invite as a student. This year would be my ten year reunion. Yes, I'm that friggen old. 

There's something about being at your old high school that makes you reminisce and almost wish you were back in school. Sometimes you think "if I could go back, I'd do this differently." Then again, would you really? For instance, I wish I could go back just so I can be more active. I didn't do any sports in high school except for wrestling rally. I guess I did "letter" in theater drama. They considered it a sport, don't ask why. Is it like that at all schools? Anyway, yes. I wish I were more active in high school, BUT at the same time I don't. To be honest, I'm glad I wasn't active in high school. From my graduating class, all the athletes, all the studs, all the jocks, all the high school heart throbs.....are now fat. Not that that's a bad thing AT ALL, but I'll be the first to admit I had a crush on one or two of the football studs. Thankfully, I wasn't really their type back in the day (somehow these days people find me more attractive *roll eyes*) because they don't seem very active these days. And I am. I LOVE that I can get up and go for an 8 mile run. I love that I can get up and go through 90 minutes of Bikram. I love that I can take on a 2700+ elevation gain 4 hour hike. What's to say I'd love it all the same if I had exhausted myself through high school? 

Food for thought. 

The tournament went great. We didn't do too great, but we have an extremely young team. There's a lot of potential in the team though. GO HOUNDS!! Every time the cheerleaders were next to my stats table I had to resist the urge to break out in cheer with them. I miss cheering. Sometimes I wish I had gone for the coaching job. SOMETIMES. 

After almost 9 hours back at my hometown high school, I was off. At this point, I only touched up my lipstick once. Not because it needed it, but because I wanted that tad bit of extra pop. By the end of the tournament I had 3 bottles of water, a mini sandwich slice with a small bowl of pasta and slice of pizza. Yes, I pig out on off days. The pizza made my lipstick bleed a little. Mostly because it was greasier than I hoped. Before I walked out the door to my car I checked my reflection one last time in the mirror and my lips had sought fading. Nothing crazy! 

On my way home I had some crazy fantasies about winning the lottery. I don't even know where they came from, but they involved my own cardio cinema and a beautiful walk in closet with a legit makeup vanity. *sigh* 

I don't really have anything more exciting to blog about. I LOVED my KVD performance and I wish I had taken more photos with it, but oh well. I got home and checked the mail with very little expectation that I had my Fabletics delivered. Alas, I was wrong! Take that, FedEx, and you're "expected delivery date Monday." Have you heard of Fabletics? It's my absolute FAVORITE. If there's two things I love, it's workout clothes and makeup. Fabletics has the cutest workout clothes imaginable. It's like Lululemon, but more affordable. I'm always out for a bargain AND THEIR FIRST WORKOUT OUTFIT IS $25! From then on after, if you decide to purchase an outfit, you get a monthly selection for anywhere from $49-$79. Or you simply slip for the month. 

I occasionally skip a month, but mostly buy myself an outfit as a reward for my hard work. This month I got the leggings I've been dying for and one of their sports bras with ridiculously cute straps. If you're curious, check it out here


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