Sneak Peak

So today I actually told my friend I think I'm going to hold off on buying more lipstick for a short while. Someone feel my forehead, I must not be feeling well.

Honestly though, I'm loving this whole consistent blogging thing. Even if I'm essentially talking to myself. Going to start calling this my diary. 

Dear diary, 

Today I am beyond excited to blog because I received some goodies to swatch. Also, yesterday I picked up MAC's Pink Plaid and I could just die from how anxious I am to swatch and compare them all. AND and and! My new lipstick stand arrived today. My other two lipstick stands are full, as are my drawers and boxes. Look how pretty it is.
I went with a different layout this time
Okay, enough of the diary entry format. But seriously, I'm so excited to go home after work and organize my lipsticks. I bought the new stand specifically for my MACs and NARS lip pencils. If I like this layout, I may buy a few more.

As you can see, I received a few new colors (and what I had in my purse) today to share. I did a quick swatch of each color and I just want to say how perfect they all are. Aka BEYOND perfect. Wait, I say that about them all don't I?
Bottom to top: MAC's Pink Plaid, MAC's Lickable, Clinique's All Heart, Urban Decay's 69, and Urban Decay's Rush

69 (giggity because I'm actually 5) is more red in person. It's definitely a blue red. I adore it.

I did a side by side swatch of MAC's Pink Plaid, MAC's Brave (that's what I wore this morning specifically for this reason), and Urban Decay's Rush. They're all completely different, but definitely come from the same family.
Bottom to top: MACs Pink Plaid, MAC's Brave, Urban Decay's Rush
Tonight I'll post the lip swatches in different lighting. I have to gym now (for sure since yesterday I didn't) and then actually return to work. *sigh* TTFN.


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