Showstopping STUNNER

I have failed to blog about yesterday's goodies. I always feel on the verge of being deathly ill so I try and take it easy just in case. Last night my team played, GO SHARKS, and I enjoyed a relaxing night watching them win. I had high hopes that I'd feel well today so last night I prepared for Bikram today. Boy was I wrong. 

As I mentioned before, I am trying my darnedest to become a morning person. I downloaded the Sleep Cycle app many moons ago and I enjoyed it for awhile, but eventually I think my body got so used to it that I started to ignore it more and more. Basically what it does is track your sleep and depending on the time you set it for, it finds when your tossing and turning most and sounds the alarm. It's purpose is to wake you so you're not startled awake and your body gets accustomed to waking up easier. It develops a pattern for you. For example, my goal wake up time is 5:45- 6 am. Right now I'll settle for a 6:30 wake up call. I set the sleep cycle to wake me up between 6-6:15. I set my phone face down on the pillow right next to my side and fell asleep. It waits until it senses movement, aka me in my lightest sleep, tossing and turning, and goes off. There's no specific time as to when it'll go off, it varies depending on my sleep cycle. You have the option of shorter or longer wake up cycles. I originally thought to set it for anytime between 6- 6:30, but I'd end up turning it off and sleeping in late. It works, trust me. 

Rise and shine, Rosie. ☀️

Since Christmas I've been trying to wake up early enough to use my new Oster blender during the week to make breakfast shakes. That's my new thing, breakfast shakes. The other day I made one that tasted like blueberry cake batter. It was SO amazing. And it was pretty and purple too. This morning, I was up early enough to make my breakfast shake. It was so perfect. 

I always have frozen fruit on hand. Strawberries, blueberries, mangoes, peaches, you name it. To make my Blueberry Cake Batter Shake (that's the name I'm giving it) I needed frozen blueberries. As you can see above, it's really easy to make. I added three quarters cup of blueberries, one scoop of protein powder (vanilla), half a cup soy milk, and a banana. So yummy. Just throw it in a blender and blend. I mean, I dig it. Try it. 

Everything else after my morning was utter chaos. 

I got to work on time, first one there. Apparently my coworker was at the office until 3 in the morning and slept in. From the moment I walked the office door, the phones wouldn't stop and every issue or concern that could come up for a client did. Stressville population: ME. The rest of the day I spent on the phone, meeting with clients, organizing new files, and slowly dying as a migraine formed so intense I thought I would break at any point throughout the day. At one point I had to turn down my office light, close my blinds, and shut my eyes, massaging my temples. 

Highlight of my day? STUNNER. 

Let me just sound off with I ALMOST DIDN'T BUY THIS LIPPY. When Mac released the Nasty Gal collection I was hesitant. I liked Mac Stunner and loved Mac Runner, but Mac Gunner wasn't my style. I had already ordered Jeffree Star's I'm Royalty so I figured I could hold off on another purple lipstick. Anyways, so I waited. I held off. Eventually, I saw so many swatches that I wanted, no, NEEDED Runner. But of course, Runner was the only one consistently sold out. I was bummed major. I checked Mac's website daily. Occasionally Nordstrom and Macy's. But no. None available. I took to twitter to complain about it almost daily. Stunner was still available, but all the swatches I kept seeing were almost too red orange for me. That's one color I don't think I look that great in, orange. Once I realized I'd never get my hands on Mac Runner, I gave in and bought Mac Stunner. The waiting began. 

Normally, after buying a new lipstick I wait a day before browsing Mac's website. Did I wait? No. The next day I was back browsing for Mac's Runner. That last bit of hope was still there. As I browsed the lipsticks and hovered over the swatches, there it was. THERE. IT. WAS. Mac Runner. Excuse me while I take a moment as I remember how happy I was. *sigh* I didn't even hesitate. I bought that baby. I was now the proud owner of Mac Runner. Because I, myself, am a runner, I'm deeming this my go to lipstick. I will wear it with gusto. 

Today, Mac Stunner arrived. Tomorrow, Mac Runner will be delivered by UPS in that beautiful little black box. *happy dance* 

She is a beauty. I was not expecting such a perfect red. Of course I couldn't wait to swatch it. I could barely contain my excitement while I took photos of it right out of the box. It's such a beautiful red. To me, it was far from a red orange than the swatches I've seen. 

This morning I wore Mac's Pro Longwear in Prolong so before putting it on my lips I did a quick side by side arm swatch.  
The one on the left is Mac's Stunner while the one on the right is Mac's Prolong. Mac's Prolong is a slightly deeper red, but the texture is different from Mac's Stunner. Both are amazing reds. Both I highly recommend. 
As you can see in off light it's the perfect red. The wear is AMAZING. I drank a class of tea afterwards and the transfer was minimal and the color stayed on my lips. In fact, after work, because of my migraine, I went straight to bed and napped. When I woke up from my nap I STILL HAD LIPSTICK. That's a big deal to me. 

As you can above, the color in sunlight is most definitely NOT orange red. More of a blue red if you ask me. Mac calls it a "clean red." I must say, I agree. It's one of the three still available from the Nasty Girl Mac Collection. My advise? If you want a limited edition perfect red, go here, and buy it NOW. 



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