Runner Runner, Lipstick Winner.

This is important. Let's just begin with the fact that I can now put my hair in a baby bun. Seriously. This is an EXTREMELY big deal. After my half marathon last year I made a goal to do two things: donate my hair to Locks of Love and get my mandala tattoo. So the day after my race my friend made a house call and chopped off 14 inches of my hair. It was less dramatic than it sounds. Long hair is so beautiful and everyone wants it, but it's such a hassle. 
As you can see above, that's how short it was. So a baby bun is very veryyyy important! 

Moving on.  

The day is here. The day I drool and go on and on and on about my new favorite lipstick, MAC RUNNER. Yesterday I showed a photo of me pretending to be super cool and high fashion and modely (except not really) wearing it. The response was rather positive. I felt gorgeous. Here's the reject. 

So it arrived in its beautiful black box that all of Mac's wonderful gifts arrive in. It's hard to describe the excitement of receiving those little black boxes. 
Beautiful right? YOU ARE LYING IF YOU SAY NO. She's lighter than Mac Sin and Mac Diva, but definitely from the family. I say sister more than cousin. Deep berry with blue undertones. Its a day to evening color. I wore it at work (as you can see from the photo above) and it wasn't too vampire-y or dark. Add a smokey eye to make it more of an evening look. 

I did something different. 
Here it is against naked lips. 
 And after without flash out of direct light. Pretty right?! It's more burgundy than red. 
In direct sun you can see how deep the berry is. I can't express how much I love this color. Mac, you did GOOD. *two very enthusiastic thumbs up*
I took a million selfies with it. I love it more in selfies than up close. It's funny, when I saw swatches if appeared clumpy and not appealing. I think this is why I hesitated buying it for so long. And to be totally and completely honest, there was a time when it appeared blotchy on my lips. For a split second I was upset I was wrong. But that was half a second. Using Mac Prep and Prime helped. Since Mac Runner is a Matte finish, you have to prep your lips properly. The wear is great. It lasts forever. I didn't track how long it stayed for, but it had a few hours of drinking tea and water before slightly fading and wearing. 
It's great for selfies though. 
No filter above. Just without flash in great lighting. Again, TELL ME IT ISN'T PERFECT. 
And in darker light?  Burgundly berry perfection. 

I really do love it. It's probably my favorite. Tomorrow I'm heading down to my hometown to my old high school to volunteer at our annual wrestling tournament. I may go with Jeffree Star's Redrum for the day, but then again, I really haven't worn Kat Von D's Outlaw in a long time. I'll keep y'all posted. ;) 

Last night I decided to pin some of my swatches to Pinterest. I am BEYOND ecstatic to say they were well received! I appreciate all the repins and my blog views went up. I couldn't begin to express how happy this makes me. I couldn't stop texting everyone about it. If by chance you're here because of my pins, I absolutely appreciate you! Even if you hate my blog. I'm working on it. I'll be better. Until then, (as sang in RENT) TAKE ME FOR WHO I AMMMMMMM. 

If this is the first blog you're reading, these are the three lippys you've seen this week. 
Left to right: Mac Runner, Mac Stunner, Mac Snob 



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