Mini stress haul

I've been out a week. A WEEK. 

Mostly from physical activity. And as I type this my head is pounding and my eyes are in tears from the pain. I missed work Monday and barely survived Tuesday. By Wednesday I had hopes I had finally kicked it, but nope. I slept in. I eventually ended up at work and I took it easy. Yesterday I was happy to report that all I was feeling about 75%. I even gymed!!! That was the highlight of my day. 

Fast forward to today. It was actually a good day. Decent, to say the least. Aside from the pounding sinus headache....

After a stressful 10 hour day at the office, I needed retail therapy. I'm working with a budget so I knew where I wanted to shop. Ulta, TJ Maxx, and Burlington. I wanted to check out NYX and the discounted cosmetics and workout clothes. I found some amazing deals during the holidays on Kat Von D's old packaged classics (Outlaw, Hellbent, Valentine, and Beranice) so I knew I wanted to scope out possible gold mines. 

I went to Ulta first. I knew what I wanted. Mission "Get Rosie NYX" had commenced. I checked the website before and they were having BoGo 1/2 off sales. SCORRRRRRE. So I browsed. I checked out their clearance section. It was a bust. So I headed through the cosmetics aisles searching for NYX. FOUND IT.  There were these two ladies and their daughter in the way. Like, seriously, in the way. One of them was sitting on the floor right in from of the lipsticks. I tried to linger in the eyeshadow section to give them time, but they weren't being at all considerate of other shoppers. So I said screw it. I awkwardly shopped over them. As usual, the shelves were pretty cleaned out. BUT, I did manage to score NYX Copenhagen soft matte lip creme. I saw it and almost grabbed two. I was stoked. It's on my wish list. I kept searching and saw they had a few NYX Eden matte lipstick as well. So I grabbed that one as well! Another crossed off my wish list. There wasn't too many more that j wanted. In fact, there wasn't anymore that I didn't already have that I wanted. Since there was a sale, I was spending less than $10 on two lippys. I've heard mixed reviews on their lip liners, so I let curiousity get the best of me and picked up two. One in Rose and one in Fuschia. I originally had Rose and Hot Red, but I love my Urban Decay 69 red lip liner so I passed. 
Next stop: TJ Maxx. It ended up being a waste. Nothing fun. There was a cute pair of workout capris, but I didn't feel like spending $20+ at the moment. I'll save for Fabletics. ;) I found all the same lipsticks I already have. So I passed up on those. I considered a few Deborah Lippmann lipstick, but they're "high in gloss" and I hate glossy lipstick. Pass again. 
Next stop: Burlington Coat Factory. I used to find amazing deals on nail polish there so I took a chance. NADA. Zip. Zilch. Zero. As far as cosmetics go, that is. I headed to the activewear defeated. I found the CUTEST hoodies and almost bought two, but I decided against (for now). Instead I went with the new running gloves. *hearty eyes* The current gloves I have aren't warm enough. So I'm stoked for these! I'll probably break them in tomorrow. Maybe. 

Dun. Dun. Dun. 

PS. Tomorrow I start my Fit Tea 14 day detox. Post pending. 


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