I'm on Instagram!

What a weekend. I'm actually glad it's done and over even though I have another stressful week ahead of me. Then again, I'm over January. Period. 

The best thing to happen to me in 2015 (I know it's only been 3 weeks) has been this blog. It excites me. Even if I don't have a following. From my blog to Pinterest, I feel like I can actually do this! So I asked, what next? Youtube? Nope. Too nervous. Not quite there yet. Then it hit me, Instagram. I'm a photo whore and I already take a million selfies with new lipstick, why not post it on the number one social media photo uploading site. So simple as that, Running Lipstick Queen. 
I have such a baby following, but it's been TWO DAYS. To me, this is amazing. And the likes keep coming in. Mind you, I love them hashtags. 

I took some time yesterday to swatch my new Too Faced Mac Peony. I am BEYOND obsessed with it. I paired it with NYX Nude Pink Lipliner. Amazing. 
Above is NYX Nude Pink lip liner all over the lips. Honestly, it's beautiful on its own. But for now I used it as a base for Too Faced Melted Peony. 
It's amazing. And if you've ever used Top Faced Melted, you know how incredible the wear is. It eventually dries to "stain the lips." It's beautiful. 
In different (more accurate) lighting you can see it almost has an orange tone to it. The combo works great. And remember, the NYX lip liners are $3.49 so  it's a steal to go this route. 

I also got around to swatching Too Faced Melted Berry and Too Faced Melted Velvet. I'll post a few more photos of it tomorrow, but until then here's side by side comparison. :)
Top: Too Faced Melted Velvet 
Bottom: Too Faced Melted Berry 


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