Fit Tea, fit me.

I'm back. At 100%. I feel amazing. I slept in until 10 today and I can't believe how necessary that was. To say today was a productive day would be an understatement. I've been behind on laundry, dishes, cleaning, and my workouts. Today, I fixed that problem.

I've been hearing about the Fit tea detox for a while now and have been curious about it. Tuesday I went ahead and bit the bullet and ordered the 14 day kit. I love tea. Tea makes me beyond happy. And a tea that helps me detox on top of tasting yummy? Count me in. I don't think I have a problem eating healthy, because aside from portion control, I'm pretty good about what I eat. HOWEVER, after the holidays I think a detox is more than necessary. Tuesday. I ordered my teatox Tuesday and it was delivered Friday. THAT WAS SO QUICK. I had read a few reviews saying it took a long time to be delivered. Some people even said three weeks, but mine shipped 3 day priority. THANK GOODNESS. You can purchase some here

I started day one today. Last night I made sure to eat whatever the hell I wanted. I wanted to see if this shit works! I had myself some Wetzel Pretzels mini dogs with cheese during my mini retail therapy session, then for dinner I had a mondo burrito. Barbacoa with rice and beans stuffed inside a ginormous floor tortilla. Talk about amazing. And worth it knowing I was beginning my detox today. After my sleep in and mini cleaning spree, I began steeping my tea. I made sure to use my Grumpy mug (as you can see above) just in case this made me miserable. ;) 

The taste? AMAZING. I let it steep for 5 minutes and added lemon. I checked the ingredients and I see it had Stevia so I figured it would be sweet enough to drink without added sweetener or honey or agave. Good choice, Rosie. Good choice. 
I immediately felt energized. 
I'm not really easy to energize. I drink green tea regulary so I get enough caffeine. Things like tea don't affect me, but I think this energy came from the Fit Tea. Orrr the fact that I was feeling better after a week of being sick. I'm going with the tea. I waited about half an hour before starting my breakfast/brunch. I'm going for clean eating for the 14 days so I can get maximum benefits. I made myself an amazing omelet with some fresh veggies. 
PS. I love cheese. 
The greener the better. I had Kale, but it went bad. So I was stuck with just green bell pepper and spinach. I don't even care. It was so amazing. 

It's perfect, right? 
I grew up on my mommy adding weenies to my eggs so I go the healthy route occasionally. I had turkey franks on hand so I threw those in as well. Another anazing choice. 

After brunch I finished up my laundry. I had a ton of workout clothes to wash since I had been out. Nothing makes me happier than a stack full of clean sports bras and workout pants and tanks. I'm not even kidding either. I have the most beautiful workout clothes collection. That's what happens when you're an addict. I find workout clothes addicting. 

Anyway, my coworker and I had made plans to workout and I had time to kill so I showered and got dolled up so I san blog some new lipstick swatches. The other day I picked up MAC Pro Longwear lipstick in Unlimted. I've been dying to tell how amazing the color is. Sneak peak? 
It's your perfect everyday pink. I wore it with NYX Rose lip liner. I'm obsessed. We'll talk about it later. 

Coworker and I agreed to meet at the gym at 4:30. We had plans to get in a good workout after such a hectic week. And good workout we got!

I got in over 6 miles in under an hour. The cardio cinema had on National Security. It was pretty good from what I got from it. I had on my headphones so I didn't hear the dialogue. But from what I saw, it was kinda funny. The hour flew by. After my hour of running I met up with my coworker who had been on the bikes doing her hour. We planned on getting some weights in before heading to the stair climber. While we were in the ladies weight room there was a lady kicking ass. She was extremely intimidating. I couldn't stop from watching her. She was going hard. You often see gut is doing their basic routines, but I had never seen anything like this girl. She was amazing. We got in just under half an hour of weights before heading to the stair climber. My coworker has dogs that she has to let our and we were approaching two hours after 15 on the stairs so we parted ways after she dropped me off back at home. 

It's been raining nonstop all day. And it's supposed to be rainy tomorrow. Cool. There's a hockey game scheduled at 9:30 tomorrow so I'll probably get some more blogging in before gaming early. The sooner I can gym, the sooner I can come home and shower so I can swatch some more colors. Not to mention I have to do my nails. Maybe I'll share my polish collection. It's also pretty! Until then, I should probably sleep. I don't plan on sleeping in that late so I need to aim for 6 hours. 



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