Fit, Fig, and Lips.

You know what makes me happy? Knowing I make a difference in someone's life. Today my coworker came into my office "asking for tape" but with the biggest smile on her face. I knew she wanted to say more. And before I knew it she was mumbling her words with excitement. I asked her to repeat her mumble and she excitedly exclaimed, "MY PANTS ARE FALLING!" and lifted her shirt just enough for me to see her pants loose and falling. I could not have been more proud.

I'm not the easiest person to deal with. But if I like you, even my bitchyness comes with good intentions. I'm also not the most fit girl you'll meet, but I love working out. And when I set my mind to something, I try to really succeed. So when people ask me for fitness advice, I LOVE to give it. And when my coworker asked me to help her lose weight by May, I'm in 110%. She's been at it for about a year on and off, but I am NOT the nicest motivator. Seriously, I'm a bitch. Usually my coworker (or anyone for that matter) puts up with me for a few weeks on and off and then quits. I'm on my own. I love working out on my own. That's how I prefer it, but if I can help someone else stay motivated by inviting them, then I'm ok with it. 

Since about October my coworker and I have been going to the gym on lunch to workout. They say 3 miles or 30 minutes of working out a day is the trick to a successful healthy life. We aim for 45-50 minutes so we have enough time to shower and get ready to go back to work. I usually get in my runs then. Better I do them when I know I can then later when I make excuses. Anyway, it's done great things for us. She's lost weight and looks great! I'm kind of at a stand still, but I don't mind. I'm losing inches, not weight. Still good with that. 
That's my random thought for the day. 

On a much more exciting note, I've been really into my Too Face Melted Liquid Lipsticks that I got as a Christmas gift from my New York friend. Too Faced had free shipping until yesterday so I picked up two more that are on their way. My friend bought me Melted Fig and Melted Berry. Both are GORGEOUS colors. I've worn them around the house and my weekends, but never actually WORN them. I mean, I have two more coming so why not start wearing what I have, right? 
Melted Fig! HOW PERFECT IS IT!?! 
I took a couple more shots. Some in different lighting. The it goes on wet and dries almost matte. There is MINIMAL transfer and the color lasts FOREVER. 
It looks pink in photos, but it's actually more of a violet lilac pink. Can I say violink? 
I think this photo (above) is the most accurate as far as coloring goes. 
Don't get me wrong, it looks just like the photos do in different lighting. What I mean is as far as coloring of the tube to the lips. It's GORGEOUS. 
The only downside I would say is that I should have worn lip liner as my base. There's some light feathering. But nothing a quick tissue swab can't fix. I did, however, use my Too Face Lip Insurance. I received that for Christmas as well. If you make a purchase on Too Faced's website you can actually get a sample. It's worth it. DO IT! 

Honestly, for $21 they're worth every penny. You can find them at Sephora, Macy's, and of course, online. There are  probably more stores that have them available, but that's what I have locally so I'm going with those to be safe! 

PS. Do you ever just have fun with filters just to have fun with filters? Same. 


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