Let me just begin with the fact that I am not very girly, but at the same time I love girly things. Like I say in my bio, "I call myself the girliest tomboy." And I stand by that. I mean, let's look at the facts:

I LOVE lipstick, but I love to sweat at the gym with no make up.
I LOVE nail polish, but I love to hike and get dirty and break my nails.
I LOVE make up, but I love laying around in sweats watching hockey.
I LOVE things that smell pretty, but I love working out in the fields during the summer.
I LOVE to shop, but I love shopping for cute workout clothes to sweat in.
I LOVE jewelry, but I love to camp and isolate myself from society.

I could go on. I'm sure most girls are the same way....maybe. I've definitely noticed a lot of my lady friends tend to steer towards and stay on the girly side. That is, until they start a family. I respect this 100%. Heck, this is why I'm so active. I want to do things with my kids when I finally have them. I want to take them camping. I want to go on walks or ride bikes with them. I want to take them to climb a mountain as often as I can. But at the same time, I want to be that pretty mom that doesn't look like she let herself go after kids. And I don't mean that in a rude way because for all I know I might be that mother. Who knows.

Until that day comes, I will remain true to my complicated self.

Moving on. Yesterday I received Mac Snob and Mac Runner (casually stating that as smile like a freaking lunatic because I still can't contain my excitement) and swatched them as soon as I got them. So that's what I'm going to talk about today. BUT. First off, I want to mention that I wore Mac Runner again today *tear because perfect* and, of course, selfied for instagram. I knew I wanted a semi dramatic look so I wore fake eyelashes. Because fake eyelashes are SO pretty as I am finally discovering that I love them.
So artsy. Much fashion. Such model. Very Runner.
Dude, check out the fake eyelashes. I love them so much. They add so much depth to my chubby little face. Then again, I absolutely hate fake eyelashes. Seriously I suck at them. I'm getting better, but I can only stand to wear them for a few hours at a time. A majority of the time I put them on, selfie, and take them off within minutes or hours. SOMEONE TEACH ME. What am I doing wrong? Is this normal? Am I using the wrong ones? I will be doing my research over these next few days and testing my new knowledge throughout the weekend. If anyone knows of any tips and tricks, let me know!


Snob. What a snob. Such a snob. MAC SNOB. She is the sister to Mac Pink Plaid and the cousin to Mac Brave. *awkward moment because I still have yet to swatch Mac Pink Plaid OOPS* Don't worry though, I'll add that to today's. Lets begin with Snob though.
Prettttttttttttty right? 
Mac Snob is from the satin line so the wear is amazing. I love matte and satin though. As you can see above it's darker out of the direct sunlight. Almost looks pink with blue undertones. That's great for lighter skin tones. In direct sunlight (below) it's very light and soft. A casual, flirty pink to the collection.

I have zero complains for Mac Snob, so while I'm at it, let me show you Mac Pink Plaid.

PRETTY DANG SIMILAR RIGHT!? Mac Pink Plaid is a matte so just by that fact alone I love it. It's another soft pink, but stays pink out of sunlight, unlike Mac Snob which seems to draw out the undertones. I love them both. As much alike as they are, there are some differences. In fact, I did a side by side merged together.
Lighting is SLIGHTLY off.
Today I learned how off my face was symmetrically. As if I didn't already know. Ha. But as you can see (guess which is which!) both are in direct lighting and right off the bat you notice the texture is different and one is pinker than the other. If you look up swatches elsewhere, you'll actually see that Mac Pink Plaid is much darker pink. I guess you could say with brown undertones versus Mac Snob's blue undertones. Both flawless, right?

I'm going to stop there. I believe Mac Runner deserves it's own page. It's own tale. It's own blog dedicated solely to its perfection. *sigh*

Moment of silence as we take in what is about to come to us next blog....



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