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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

The After.

Yesterday we laid my grandma to rest. These last two days were with a heavy heart, but she's in a better place now. And she looked absolutely beautiful and peaceful. That's exactly how I want to remember her.
In remembrance of my Grandma Beatrice.
It's the rough times that remind me how I coast through life. I want more than that. I want excitement. I want to look back and say I did something and failed. I want to look back and say I was successful. That's where I intend to take this blog. To success. I don't have much support from friends, which is fine. Everyone has their own life to live. And I guess it's asking too much. But one day I'll realize how far I've come without the non supportive people. I'm better than that.


Monday after the viewing I came home to some goodies. I've been stress shopping like crazy since I found out the news last week. Really, anything to keep my mind occupied as I mentioned before. This weekend was pretty decent since I had time to stay busy. I look forward to sharing my new loves in the next post. 

Before I go, I honestly can't say enough how thankful I am for the few people that went out of their way to be there for me. I'm blessed. 

Sunday, January 25, 2015

I'm on Instagram!

What a weekend. I'm actually glad it's done and over even though I have another stressful week ahead of me. Then again, I'm over January. Period. 

The best thing to happen to me in 2015 (I know it's only been 3 weeks) has been this blog. It excites me. Even if I don't have a following. From my blog to Pinterest, I feel like I can actually do this! So I asked, what next? Youtube? Nope. Too nervous. Not quite there yet. Then it hit me, Instagram. I'm a photo whore and I already take a million selfies with new lipstick, why not post it on the number one social media photo uploading site. So simple as that, Running Lipstick Queen. 
I have such a baby following, but it's been TWO DAYS. To me, this is amazing. And the likes keep coming in. Mind you, I love them hashtags. 

I took some time yesterday to swatch my new Too Faced Mac Peony. I am BEYOND obsessed with it. I paired it with NYX Nude Pink Lipliner. Amazing. 
Above is NYX Nude Pink lip liner all over the lips. Honestly, it's beautiful on its own. But for now I used it as a base for Too Faced Melted Peony. 
It's amazing. And if you've ever used Top Faced Melted, you know how incredible the wear is. It eventually dries to "stain the lips." It's beautiful. 
In different (more accurate) lighting you can see it almost has an orange tone to it. The combo works great. And remember, the NYX lip liners are $3.49 so  it's a steal to go this route. 

I also got around to swatching Too Faced Melted Berry and Too Faced Melted Velvet. I'll post a few more photos of it tomorrow, but until then here's side by side comparison. :)
Top: Too Faced Melted Velvet 
Bottom: Too Faced Melted Berry 

Friday, January 23, 2015

I'm only human.

I am beyond overwhelmed. 
More than I could ever begin to describe. 
And I'm not even overwhelmed with anything in particular, just life. 

Recent passing of my grandma this week has just taken its toll on me. She was my mom's mom. And I love my mom more than words can describe. She may drive me crazy once in awhile, but I love her. There's nothing worse than your mother crying and feeling helpless. I'm trying to be strong. My grandma and I weren't very close. I loved her, but I'd be lying if I didn't say I wasn't the best granddaughter. I feel I let my mom down in that sense. I'm on the verge of a breakdown preparing myself for the funeral. I don't know how I'm going to handle seeing my mother so torn apart. I just have to keep reminding my self to be strong. 

Changes at work are also slowly starting to weigh on me. Nothing too serious, but definitely up there adding to my stress. As carefree as I try to be, I still tend to over think and worry a lot. 

In addition to family and work stress, I've never been so over the people in my life that take my friendship for granted. It's not that easy. I'm a very independent person and I choose my friends carefully based on this fact. I need people that can give me space, but can count on when I need them most. I really don't ask for much. My best friends are the ones I don't have to see and talk to everyday, but connect with them like we never skipped a beat. With that being said, I find it easy to eliminate people from my life without hesitation. I have just a handful of people I call my friends. And I'm blessed with them. But my friend count just keeps dwindling. I've used the block button on my phone more these last few weeks than since I've updated my phone. No regrets. I don't do part time friendships. 

And then there's tea...

I find solitude with each cup of tea.

While I am still drinking my Fit Tea (which I love and look forward to reviewing after the 14 days), I have several teas I turn to to keep me sane throughout the day. I have a routine, if you will. 

My mornings generally start out with a cup of green tea. Since I am drinking the Fit Tea, this has replaced my normal green tea which is Yogi Blueberry Slim Life Green Tea. By the way, this tea has saved me from gaining 13262541634 pounds this winter. You can get a lifetime supply here. It's not really a lifetime supply, but you can subscribe and save. Trust me, worth it. 

By lunchtime/ early afternoon/ gym time I usually need another pick me up so I go for another green tea. This time I opt for Yogi Green Tea Kombucha. Don't be fooled by the name. Although it does "contain" Kombucha, Kombucha is a live bacteria and heat kills its "benefits." However, the flavor is still superb. Keep in mind green tea boosts metabolism and is a healthier source of caffeine for energizing. 

As 5 o'clock approaches I am generally about to rip my hair out or go in a corner and cry or have a migraine that will bring me to tears. This is me exaggerating, by the way. This only happens once in awhile. This week is one of those "once in awhiles." It's not every week you have the passing of a family member, major changes at work, and lose another friend. Anyway, for these types of weeks (days) I have Yogi Kava Stress Relief Tea. Kava is known for a few different things. I read somewhere it can even numb the mouth. I'll tell you one thing though, it relaxes the shit out of you. It didn't make me sleepy, but it made my headache (more than likely induced by stress) go away and force me to take a step back and take everything in calmly. Mind you, this could very well be psychological, but hey, if it works, it works.

That's it for my work day tea regimen (at the office). I have more teas I'd love to share, but I'll start with just the basics. Aka the guaranteed 5 day a week teas. Honestly, just talking about my tea has calmed me down from the start of this blog. But there it is. 

I'm human. 
With emotions. 
And I definitely....

Believe in the tea. 

Thursday, January 22, 2015


This is important.

Tuesday Viva Glam Miley was released online and was to be released in stores today, January 22nd. I debated (and even added to my shopping cart) buying it online. But then I thought, what about the shipping? What about the waiting? What if anyone else gets it before me? Yes, I'm very competitive. I want it all to show off. Muahaha. Just kidding. I wish. But I do like to have everything I want when I want it. Not to mention the fact that I almost missed out on the last two Viva Glam releases. This is not okay. So I chatted with a Mac specialist who assured me it would be at my local MAC Thursday.

Anyway, my calendar was set since like November to the release date. I'm not kidding either. It was set to remind me two days before.
This morning I had my amazing man willing to get up early and pick up my order. Originally he volunteered to grab it in store, but I checked this morning and it let me order for pick up today online. So I did. Come 10 o'clock he was on his way to pick it up for me. I'm a very lucky girl! It was in my hands by 11 am.

I don't know why I adore it so much.
Alas, here it is. 
It's an amplified creme lipstick. It goes on smooth and the wear is forever. I've been sitting at work drinking water and the color has yet to fade in the last 2+ hours. I took some shots directly in the day light and one in indirect daylight. This color is STUNNING. It reminded me of MAC Full Fuchsia. Remind me to do a side by side eventually. It's hard to capture the color that's in the tube in photo, but the photos show it's amazingness.

 It feels so soft and smooth and amazing and not at all drying on my lips. I'm very glad I didn't wait on this one. I don't know if it would sell out, but I definitely did not want to take my chances. It's bold and beautiful, just like Miley Cyrus. MAC Viva Glam has once again nailed it.

All proceeds from the MAC Viva Glam limited edition collections go towards HIV/AIDS foundation. Even if you don't like the color, but know someone who would, pick one or two up for a good cause. They're available online here or at your local MAC stores. There's also a lip glass, but I am a no gloss kind of girl. Then again, I know a few people I could buy it for. ♥


Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Fit, Fig, and Lips.

You know what makes me happy? Knowing I make a difference in someone's life. Today my coworker came into my office "asking for tape" but with the biggest smile on her face. I knew she wanted to say more. And before I knew it she was mumbling her words with excitement. I asked her to repeat her mumble and she excitedly exclaimed, "MY PANTS ARE FALLING!" and lifted her shirt just enough for me to see her pants loose and falling. I could not have been more proud.

I'm not the easiest person to deal with. But if I like you, even my bitchyness comes with good intentions. I'm also not the most fit girl you'll meet, but I love working out. And when I set my mind to something, I try to really succeed. So when people ask me for fitness advice, I LOVE to give it. And when my coworker asked me to help her lose weight by May, I'm in 110%. She's been at it for about a year on and off, but I am NOT the nicest motivator. Seriously, I'm a bitch. Usually my coworker (or anyone for that matter) puts up with me for a few weeks on and off and then quits. I'm on my own. I love working out on my own. That's how I prefer it, but if I can help someone else stay motivated by inviting them, then I'm ok with it. 

Since about October my coworker and I have been going to the gym on lunch to workout. They say 3 miles or 30 minutes of working out a day is the trick to a successful healthy life. We aim for 45-50 minutes so we have enough time to shower and get ready to go back to work. I usually get in my runs then. Better I do them when I know I can then later when I make excuses. Anyway, it's done great things for us. She's lost weight and looks great! I'm kind of at a stand still, but I don't mind. I'm losing inches, not weight. Still good with that. 
That's my random thought for the day. 

On a much more exciting note, I've been really into my Too Face Melted Liquid Lipsticks that I got as a Christmas gift from my New York friend. Too Faced had free shipping until yesterday so I picked up two more that are on their way. My friend bought me Melted Fig and Melted Berry. Both are GORGEOUS colors. I've worn them around the house and my weekends, but never actually WORN them. I mean, I have two more coming so why not start wearing what I have, right? 
Melted Fig! HOW PERFECT IS IT!?! 
I took a couple more shots. Some in different lighting. The it goes on wet and dries almost matte. There is MINIMAL transfer and the color lasts FOREVER. 
It looks pink in photos, but it's actually more of a violet lilac pink. Can I say violink? 
I think this photo (above) is the most accurate as far as coloring goes. 
Don't get me wrong, it looks just like the photos do in different lighting. What I mean is as far as coloring of the tube to the lips. It's GORGEOUS. 
The only downside I would say is that I should have worn lip liner as my base. There's some light feathering. But nothing a quick tissue swab can't fix. I did, however, use my Too Face Lip Insurance. I received that for Christmas as well. If you make a purchase on Too Faced's website you can actually get a sample. It's worth it. DO IT! 

Honestly, for $21 they're worth every penny. You can find them at Sephora, Macy's, and of course, online. There are  probably more stores that have them available, but that's what I have locally so I'm going with those to be safe! 

PS. Do you ever just have fun with filters just to have fun with filters? Same. 

Sunday, January 18, 2015

The Power of Makeup.

Today was a great day. Even though I have yet to (and probably won't) workout.  I needed today. A day to myself of just relaxing and reaping the benefits while not being bedridden? PERFECTION.
I woke up at 8 to make sure I didn't miss the 9:30 Rangers game. GLAD I DIDN'T! 
First and foremost, I had my Fit Tea. Last night my Mr. Tea Man came in the mail! I love him. So so much. He's a tea diffuser. And he looks badass doing it. So clearly I'm a fan. Grab your own here. Day two of the detox and I'm still feeling great. I get to eat what I want, although I'm choosing to eat healthy, and I already see changes in my body. I'm sure I'll feel even better tomorrow when I actually workout. I'll keep you posted. 

I've been trying to expand my collection Mac Pro Longwear lipsticks. I love the way they wear.  The only downside is they don't have the greatest selection of colors. I already own Mac Love Forever! and Prolong and I had Unlimited on my wish list, so I finally bought it. Pleased. Happy. Content. I love ittttt. 

Laying down the foundation. If you recall, I picked up NYX Rose lip liner on Friday during my mini haul. I didn't realize how amazing it was. Check it out. For $3.49? SCORE. Actually, if you take into account the fact that you bought one and got one half off that means I got two for $5.25. So that makes one LESS THAN $3! Anyway, since Mac Unlimited is a beige pink (I'm gonna call it a brink) I thought the pink base would be a great addition. 

Check it out! I love it. It even has some violet undertones. I think it's beautiful. It's probably one of my new fave pinks now. I say that about all my new lipsticks I swear! Haha. But this time, it's my fave Pro Longwear. It's even better than Love Forever! I am probably going to wear it tomorrow AGAIN. 

In addition to my perfect lipstick, I tried another set of my new lashes. I'm not sure if I mentioned it because I've been so sick, but I was browsing affordable fake eyelashes to try out. I heard great things about E.L.F and I almost ordered a handful but I continued my search. You know where my go to shopping guide is? AMAZON. I love Amazon. I'm obsessed with Amazon. I live on Amazon. Best part of Amazon? The reviews. I get everything on Amazon. From shoes and clothing, to household necessities. My running shoes are a biggie. They're always a steal. So much cheaper for the exact same shoes you will find elsewhere. And I love reading the reviews from real runners. Seriously, check it out. 

Back to the lashes I found a set of 70 (YES 70!) for $15. You can find them here. There are 7 different styles. I actually took pics of them all and will share them eventually. But for now, I'm still learning on how to apply them best. I'm getting there. Getting better I promise! 
Look at them! As you can see, I still have to work on attaching them closer to the base. But seriously lashes for days. They're probably my favorite set of the bunch. They're much fuller. I had to trim them to fit my eyes because they are kinda long. By long I mean width wise. They make me feel so pretty.
Lipstick and lashes. The power of makeup. 

I'm ready to take on tomorrow. I foresee an amazing week. See you all tomorrow! ❤️ 

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Fit Tea, fit me.

I'm back. At 100%. I feel amazing. I slept in until 10 today and I can't believe how necessary that was. To say today was a productive day would be an understatement. I've been behind on laundry, dishes, cleaning, and my workouts. Today, I fixed that problem.

I've been hearing about the Fit tea detox for a while now and have been curious about it. Tuesday I went ahead and bit the bullet and ordered the 14 day kit. I love tea. Tea makes me beyond happy. And a tea that helps me detox on top of tasting yummy? Count me in. I don't think I have a problem eating healthy, because aside from portion control, I'm pretty good about what I eat. HOWEVER, after the holidays I think a detox is more than necessary. Tuesday. I ordered my teatox Tuesday and it was delivered Friday. THAT WAS SO QUICK. I had read a few reviews saying it took a long time to be delivered. Some people even said three weeks, but mine shipped 3 day priority. THANK GOODNESS. You can purchase some here

I started day one today. Last night I made sure to eat whatever the hell I wanted. I wanted to see if this shit works! I had myself some Wetzel Pretzels mini dogs with cheese during my mini retail therapy session, then for dinner I had a mondo burrito. Barbacoa with rice and beans stuffed inside a ginormous floor tortilla. Talk about amazing. And worth it knowing I was beginning my detox today. After my sleep in and mini cleaning spree, I began steeping my tea. I made sure to use my Grumpy mug (as you can see above) just in case this made me miserable. ;) 

The taste? AMAZING. I let it steep for 5 minutes and added lemon. I checked the ingredients and I see it had Stevia so I figured it would be sweet enough to drink without added sweetener or honey or agave. Good choice, Rosie. Good choice. 
I immediately felt energized. 
I'm not really easy to energize. I drink green tea regulary so I get enough caffeine. Things like tea don't affect me, but I think this energy came from the Fit Tea. Orrr the fact that I was feeling better after a week of being sick. I'm going with the tea. I waited about half an hour before starting my breakfast/brunch. I'm going for clean eating for the 14 days so I can get maximum benefits. I made myself an amazing omelet with some fresh veggies. 
PS. I love cheese. 
The greener the better. I had Kale, but it went bad. So I was stuck with just green bell pepper and spinach. I don't even care. It was so amazing. 

It's perfect, right? 
I grew up on my mommy adding weenies to my eggs so I go the healthy route occasionally. I had turkey franks on hand so I threw those in as well. Another anazing choice. 

After brunch I finished up my laundry. I had a ton of workout clothes to wash since I had been out. Nothing makes me happier than a stack full of clean sports bras and workout pants and tanks. I'm not even kidding either. I have the most beautiful workout clothes collection. That's what happens when you're an addict. I find workout clothes addicting. 

Anyway, my coworker and I had made plans to workout and I had time to kill so I showered and got dolled up so I san blog some new lipstick swatches. The other day I picked up MAC Pro Longwear lipstick in Unlimted. I've been dying to tell how amazing the color is. Sneak peak? 
It's your perfect everyday pink. I wore it with NYX Rose lip liner. I'm obsessed. We'll talk about it later. 

Coworker and I agreed to meet at the gym at 4:30. We had plans to get in a good workout after such a hectic week. And good workout we got!

I got in over 6 miles in under an hour. The cardio cinema had on National Security. It was pretty good from what I got from it. I had on my headphones so I didn't hear the dialogue. But from what I saw, it was kinda funny. The hour flew by. After my hour of running I met up with my coworker who had been on the bikes doing her hour. We planned on getting some weights in before heading to the stair climber. While we were in the ladies weight room there was a lady kicking ass. She was extremely intimidating. I couldn't stop from watching her. She was going hard. You often see gut is doing their basic routines, but I had never seen anything like this girl. She was amazing. We got in just under half an hour of weights before heading to the stair climber. My coworker has dogs that she has to let our and we were approaching two hours after 15 on the stairs so we parted ways after she dropped me off back at home. 

It's been raining nonstop all day. And it's supposed to be rainy tomorrow. Cool. There's a hockey game scheduled at 9:30 tomorrow so I'll probably get some more blogging in before gaming early. The sooner I can gym, the sooner I can come home and shower so I can swatch some more colors. Not to mention I have to do my nails. Maybe I'll share my polish collection. It's also pretty! Until then, I should probably sleep. I don't plan on sleeping in that late so I need to aim for 6 hours. 


Friday, January 16, 2015

Mini stress haul

I've been out a week. A WEEK. 

Mostly from physical activity. And as I type this my head is pounding and my eyes are in tears from the pain. I missed work Monday and barely survived Tuesday. By Wednesday I had hopes I had finally kicked it, but nope. I slept in. I eventually ended up at work and I took it easy. Yesterday I was happy to report that all I was feeling about 75%. I even gymed!!! That was the highlight of my day. 

Fast forward to today. It was actually a good day. Decent, to say the least. Aside from the pounding sinus headache....

After a stressful 10 hour day at the office, I needed retail therapy. I'm working with a budget so I knew where I wanted to shop. Ulta, TJ Maxx, and Burlington. I wanted to check out NYX and the discounted cosmetics and workout clothes. I found some amazing deals during the holidays on Kat Von D's old packaged classics (Outlaw, Hellbent, Valentine, and Beranice) so I knew I wanted to scope out possible gold mines. 

I went to Ulta first. I knew what I wanted. Mission "Get Rosie NYX" had commenced. I checked the website before and they were having BoGo 1/2 off sales. SCORRRRRRE. So I browsed. I checked out their clearance section. It was a bust. So I headed through the cosmetics aisles searching for NYX. FOUND IT.  There were these two ladies and their daughter in the way. Like, seriously, in the way. One of them was sitting on the floor right in from of the lipsticks. I tried to linger in the eyeshadow section to give them time, but they weren't being at all considerate of other shoppers. So I said screw it. I awkwardly shopped over them. As usual, the shelves were pretty cleaned out. BUT, I did manage to score NYX Copenhagen soft matte lip creme. I saw it and almost grabbed two. I was stoked. It's on my wish list. I kept searching and saw they had a few NYX Eden matte lipstick as well. So I grabbed that one as well! Another crossed off my wish list. There wasn't too many more that j wanted. In fact, there wasn't anymore that I didn't already have that I wanted. Since there was a sale, I was spending less than $10 on two lippys. I've heard mixed reviews on their lip liners, so I let curiousity get the best of me and picked up two. One in Rose and one in Fuschia. I originally had Rose and Hot Red, but I love my Urban Decay 69 red lip liner so I passed. 
Next stop: TJ Maxx. It ended up being a waste. Nothing fun. There was a cute pair of workout capris, but I didn't feel like spending $20+ at the moment. I'll save for Fabletics. ;) I found all the same lipsticks I already have. So I passed up on those. I considered a few Deborah Lippmann lipstick, but they're "high in gloss" and I hate glossy lipstick. Pass again. 
Next stop: Burlington Coat Factory. I used to find amazing deals on nail polish there so I took a chance. NADA. Zip. Zilch. Zero. As far as cosmetics go, that is. I headed to the activewear defeated. I found the CUTEST hoodies and almost bought two, but I decided against (for now). Instead I went with the new running gloves. *hearty eyes* The current gloves I have aren't warm enough. So I'm stoked for these! I'll probably break them in tomorrow. Maybe. 

Dun. Dun. Dun. 

PS. Tomorrow I start my Fit Tea 14 day detox. Post pending. 

Sunday, January 11, 2015

You Better Werk Betch

Jeffree Star Cosmetics are as amazing as Jeffree Star is a human being. Such perfection. 
On December 18th my order for Jeffree Star's Velour liquid lipsticks shipped. On Black Friday presales opened and I jumped at the opportunity for an early Christmas gift to myself. The lipsticks came in three colors: I'm Royalty (a beautiful royal violet with some slight lilacs tones to it), Prom Night (an electric pink that's bright and perfect), and RedRum (the PERFECT deep dark red). I've worn RedRum several times before and you can see I have on I'm Royalty above. 
The packaging is BEYOND gorgeous. Adorable and over the top. The stars on the boxes and bottles are the perfect touch because of Star's last name. They're just fabulous, just like Jeffree Star. The lipsticks are liquid to matte which, by default, means they're amazing. The wear is lasting and there's literally no transfer. So if you're planning on kissing boys or girls, this is your lipstick. ;) 
They take a few minutes to dry. So be patient. 
For today, I wanted to show my naked lips. I always try to get them as blanc as possible. So I start with a basic foundation under my lipsticks. Instead of going around the lips when applying your coverage, just coat the lips lightly and blend. 

*drum roll please* 
Starting with the lightest, Prom Night. Feeling bold? This is it. 
She's a beauty isn't she? 
One of the most perfect reds I own. You must own it if you love red. Better yet, if you love red lipstick that doesn't transfer and lasts FOR-EV-VER. PS. It's hard to not obsess over the name. "RedRum." As a Stephen King fan, this makes me love it infinity times more. Yes, I read the book well before I watched the movie. 
Last but not least, I'm Royalty. 
When you wear it, scream I'M ROYALTY. Because why not? Look at it. It's so different and unique but at the same time you want to wear it. You need to wear it. This is how I felt when I first got it. And in fact, I posted a photo of myself in it. I waited until today to actually selfie in it to post to Instagram though. The response is more than positive. It's so unlike me, yet so like me at the same time. If you're adventurous, you need this color. 

I believe at this time RedRum is still sold out. It should be restocked this month sometime. You can buy the bundle at a discount price once RedRum is restocked. It's worth the wait.