New. Years. Eve.



So appropriate.

We did it! We made it to 2015. Of course, with the exception of the remaining T minus 9 hours (6 if you're East Coast) which a lot could happen in.

Last night I struggled and debated on with red lipstick to wear. Jeffree Star's Redrum won. And I think I look pretty.
I call this my blue steel.

So yesterday I got my Mac lippys in. I received Mac's Brave and Pink Pigeon as late Christmas gift. See below their prettiness. 

I don't know why I waited so long for Brave, but holy mother of lipstick perfection grail. It's beautiful. It's from the Satin line and it may or may not be my new favorite. Okay ok, I do say that about every new color I get, but this is the best everyday color I own from Mac. IN. LOVE. In love. Now, I'm done.

HOW. How is this color so beautiful? MAC BRAVE. It's the perfect nude pink. And as you can see, in direct light (left) it's soft and perfect, but in off light (below) it's actually sexy as hell. 

Honestly, the wear was great. It lasted me almost 3 hours without fading before I had to wipe it off *tear* to swatch Mac Pink Pigeon. That was probably the most upsetting part of it, taking it off.
Now we get to Mac Pink Pigeon. Just wow. Talk about Pink. I love love love all electric pinks. They make me oh so happy. Mac's Pink Pigeon is no exception. It's like Mac Snow Orchid without the shimmer, or Candy Yum-Yum meets Macs Flat Out Fabulous. Basically, pink perfection. And I love it. 
 It's definitely more of a fuchsia in off light (above) but a hot barbie pink in direct lighting (below).
I'm making it a minor New Year's resolution to be more consistent with my lip swatches. In other words, get the lighting and lip shape right each and every time. Haha. Call me a weirdo, I'll accept. 

Here's a side by side.
Mac Brave and Mac Pink Pigeon.

There it is. Two new colors for me to obsess over. I'll probably wear Brave tomorrow because it's perfection. 


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