Can you ever just be whelmed?

I have two lipsticks to swatch, but I'm thinking of waiting. I really have to go running. I've been quite lazy. My knee has been acting up and it upsets me. I have to workout on New Year's Eve, I have to. I may or may not take the day after New Year's Day off. Very fortunate we don't work on Thursday, even though I'm not really going out partying.

So tomorrow I'm going to a hockey game. We don't have an NHL team (good lawd I wish we did) but we do have a minor league. Western Hockey League. Proud fan of the Tri-City Americans. In fact, if it weren't for the many games I went to in high school, I wouldn't even be a Sharks fan. 

Back to my story. 

Tomorrow I'm going to a hockey game with peoples I love. It'll be grand. ☺️ This is the second year for us.  In high school I made it to 3 in a row before graduating and missing out on hockey for awhile (boyfriends and college and work). I'm struggling. I want nothing more than to wear red lipstick. But I have a few to choose from. Currently struggling between 10. And I'm pretty sure Jeffree Star's Redrum wins.
Terrible lighting, but you see my struggle. And I'm sure you can tell the clear winner. It's definitely between REDRUM and Kat Von D's Outlaw. But REDRUM is just PERFECT. 

Next struggle: what do I wear? 😐


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