El Oh Ve eE ♥

'How does it feel?'
"Does what?"
"It's the best and worst feeling in the world. You are so happy when you have it but are always scared it's too good to be true and you'll lose it..."

I once got asked how love felt and i almost didn't know how to respond. How do you describe a feeling that has no explanation? It's indescribable. You can compare it to the best moment in life and still probably fall short of that feeling...

When someone loves you they tell you. It isn't easy to say it. That person can tell you once and still feel scared to repeat it. Without even thinking it comes out at the right moment. It kinda freezes time cause when you love that person right back, the world stops and you lose your breath. You forget to think and before you can say it back that person is smiling and looking at you like they never looked at you before. The look in their eyes tells you it's true and you find yourself telling that person you love them right back.

When someone loves you they miss you like no one has ever missed you before. They tell you they miss you 10 feet from where they dropped you off. You know they love you when they tell you they can't look at the stars without thinking of you. Knowing every night there are millions of stars right above you makes you realize this person means it. The one who loves you tells you they would love to see you everyday and let's you choose the time to see eachother. The one who loves you tells you it's not about wanting to see you, it's about needing to see you. They tell you they wish nothing more than for you to be with them.

When you find yourself lost and not knowing what to do sometimes, you realize that person has done something to you no one else has. You find yourself asking the one you love 'what did you do to me' and knowing whatever they did is the best thing that could happen to you. In a world full of materialistic people, being in love means you would pay anything for a kiss from that one special person. You realize you could be happy knowing as long as that person was with you, it doesn't matter what you have.

When someone loves you they tell you they want you. They tell you they want to be with you. They tell you if doing something they are not fond of is what it takes to be with you they'll do it. When you both want the same thing but are scared and excited at the same time.
When your in love, your first kiss is the greatest moment you'll ever experience. When time speeds up and slows down at the same time. When you forget what it means to breathe. When you look this person in the eyes and say nothing. When every part of your body is tingling with goosebumps and your blood feels like it ran cold. When every sound is non existent and you are no longer standing where you were to begin with. When you can see nothing but the person in front of you. When you can say one word and have the other person nod in understanding. When you can feel the other person shake from nerves. When you forget how to kiss. When every kiss you've ever had becomes a faded memory. When you want nothing more but to have that kiss forever....you're in love.

When sitting in silence and not saying a word makes you smile, you know that person is the one you want to be with. If sitting in a park looking at the stars is better than going out and partying, you're in love. If you both see a shooting star and wish the same thing...to be happy with eachother... there is nothing better in the world. When sleeping is non-existent to you and spending every waking moment with that person makes you happy, you found the one. When you wake up next to that one person, look down at them, and get butterflies, you will never experience anything like that.

When someone loves you they don't always kiss your lips. They kiss the tip of your nose. They kiss your forehead. They kiss your cheek. They kiss your neck. When you hurt yourself and that person kisses the spot to make it all better, they love you. When that special person gently brushes your hair from your face to kiss your cheek it's love.
When your in love you're happy. You're happy in a way that cannot be described. You want everyone to be happy with you. You want to tell the world why your happy. You smile just thinking of that person. You look at your phone expecting a call or a text from them. You get butterflies everytime you see their name on your phone. You think of them everytime you see a trailer to a romantic movie. You hear the word love and think to yourself, sometimes out loud, how lucky you are to have found just that...

I can't describe it. It's hard. If you can find any other way to let me know.


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