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GRWM| Urban Decay x Kristen Leanne Eyeshadow Palettes

Let me tell you a funny story about the other day.

The other night I had a bad dream that involved my boyfriend. A very upsetting dream. And naturally, because my boyfriend was asleep, I couldn't express my frustrations about him in my dream to him. He wasn't awake to reassure me it was all a dream and I was just being loca. Because let's be real, it really was just a dream and I really was being loca. But alas, he was still sleeping so I went back to bed angry we couldn't talk things over. Big no no, but I was TIRED.

Can anyone else relate?

Naturally, I woke up that morning and explained my bad dream which he laughed at me for and did what any boyfriend would do, he told me it was just a dream and I was crazy. I knew he was right but sleepy grumpy Rosie still held a little grudge towards him. IT IS THE GEMINI IN ME, OKAY?!? It took me about an hour or so to get over it and he and I both went about our days at work. I went home to edit and wait for him to come home for…

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