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Thursday, December 7, 2017

Jeffree Star Cosmetics| Holiday 2017 Glitter Collection Swatches, Compar...

It is finally here!! For those of you not following me on Instagram or subscribed to my channel (you should be!), I thought I would do my usual blog recap. All posts can be found on Instagram as well. Don't forget to double tap!

On November 18th, the 2017 Jeffree Star Cosmetics Holiday Glitter collection was released. Again, I was fortunate enough to be sent it as PR for review purposes. As a fan of the Jeffree Star Cosmetics brand since day one, I cannot express to you how thankful I am for my followers and subscribers for making this goal possible for me after almost three years of putting my heart into reviews and posts.

So let's get right into it!

This collection has to be, by far, the most gorgeous packaging they've ever released. It was a pink frosted glitter packaging that would bring glitter lovers like me to tears.The collection featured 4 Lip Ammunition (sold for $18), 8 Velour Liquid Lipsticks (sold for $18), 3 Lip Scrubs (sold for $12), and the newest Skin Frost Pro palettes (sold for $40).

Are you in love yet? Okay well let me share some swatches.

I was in such a hurry to swatch and review this collection, the day I received it I could hardly focus on work. As soon as I clocked out I rushed home and started getting ready to record! Shoutout to Jessy for supplying the caffeine (he knew I'd need it). I got to recording by 9 pm and didn't finish with it and it's editing until after 3 am. But boy was it worth it. Check out my one minute recap of the shades below. And puhleeeeeeze don't be cruel. I've had my fair share of complaints about my smile to take care of all of 2016 and 2017 since starting my blogging in one repost! All my love to Jeffree Star Cosmetics for sharing my video! It brought me so many amazing new followers and subscribers that have me feeling BLESSED. ♥

I honestly could not pick a favorite! I've worn Human nature the most so far and was able to pair Mermaid Blood with Alien Ice from the Platinum Ice palette. Honestly, the combo was to die for! That is of course, if you're into bold looks!

As a San Jose Sharks fan, I can not stress how much in need of a teal lipstick I was! I have a shade from Melt Cosmetics that is a lovely tealISH shade, but it wasn't liquid lipstick. And I LOVE liquid lipstick.

Now let me share some of the Skin Frost Pro palettes. These came in two versions. One was a warm toned set called 24K and the other was very cool, duotone shade palette called Platinum Ice. Some would say it's a dupe for Anastasia's Moonchild, but we will get to that later.

So as I type this, the 24K is sold out. And to be honest, I COMPLETELY understand! It is a STUNNING palette for everyone. I know it might be intimidating for the fair skin ladies and gents, but it can be subtle with a light application. I bought DIED when I applied Legendary to my face. It was so pretty I could cry. If you can get your hands on this one, you NEED it!

Then we have Platinum Ice palette. So as I mentioned before, this is said to be and ABH Moonchild dupe. I swatched them side by side in my video. And while they have two similar shades, they are not an exact dupe. Differences? A few dollars less for Jeffree Star's and the Pro palette comes with a mirror. You can actually see them side by side in my video.

Both palettes $40. Both pretty damn stunning.

So how does the packaging look in comparison to past packaging? Take a look below.

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Now  let me ask, what's your favorite packaging? Did you pick anything up from the collection??

Watch my full video and comparison swatches below.

If you watch my video after this blog, send me some emojis and say hi!! ♥


Thursday, November 30, 2017

Limited Edition Sugar Cookie Jan Marini Holiday Exfoliator Review

Hey everyone!

I just wanted to check in and share an amazing product I was fortunate enough to review and try. The Jan Marini Holiday Exfoliator, this year in the Sugar Cookie scent, was recently sent to me for review.

My first impression?

When I smelled this it was like HEAVEN!! Imagine opening a container of sugar cookie dough. Absolutely amazing.

My second thought?

Will this irritate my skin? Will the smell be overwhelming? This might be too good to be true.

Final thoughts?

OBSESSED! The exfoliator smelled like heaven but wasn't overwhelming in the slightest. It didn't leave any coating on the skin after rinsed. In fact, it was the most amazing my skin has felt after exfoliating. The website does mention possible slight tingling but I felt nothing. The next morning my skin appeared brighter and definitely felt amazingly smooth. I did apply a moisturizer, but the difference between what I paired it with before and after with the Jan Marini Exfoliator was extremely noticeable.

You can find it here. Or copy the following link:

The beauty of this exfoliator is a little goes a long way. I don't find myself going through it anytime soon and for the price you pay, it is worth the money. It sells for $90.00.

Once again, I was sent this FREE for review. Over impression was I LOVED it. While it is a little on the pricier side, I can see the benefits and would recommend it if you're okay with splurging a little.

Have you tried it? Let me know below!

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Thursday, November 9, 2017

BH Cosmetics GRWMs And Favorites

BH Cosmetics
I really feel this post is long overdue. If you have been following me from the beginning, you will know BH Cosmetics was one of the first brands to notice me on Instagram. It was with their simple "like" that I was able to hit 500 followers on Instagram. I remember that day perfectly. It's almost embarrassing lol. But hey, it's a moment to be proud of.

I can honestly say BH Cosmetics is a brand you do not want to sleep on. It's affordable, it's high quality, and you know what? IT KEEPS GETTING BETTER.

Since starting my blogging/ IG/ YouTube journey I've been able to try new things here and there from BH Cosmetics, but of course I can't afford it all! I was very fortunate to have a package sent to me of amazing goodies. I remember opening the box, my heart was RACING with excitement. Even my male coworkers were impressed with such a generous package. Take a peak,

I wasted NO time digging into this box of goodies. I recorded a GRWM with the Bronze Paradise palette and immediately fell in LOVE. Such a gorgeous summer palette. The look I came up with is below.

Want to know how I go this look? I recorded it! Using mostly BH Cosmetics products, I was able to put together one of my favorite summer looks. I just love a good pop of color and the Bronze Paradise Palette is perfect for that. Check out how to get the look below.

BH Cosmetics
Need the one minute breakdown? I gotchu.

Next, they released the Solar Flare palette which was the sister to the Galaxy Palette which is one of my favvvvvvorite palettes from BH Cosmetics. I LOVE this palette. Seriously, it's a must have. Anyway, the sister palette, Solar Flare consisted of a bunch of metallic and baked shadows. Its one of those palettes that you get a little fix plus happy trying to see just how metallicy you can make your look look. Here's a look at it.

I quickly paired this look with the BH Cosmetics Modern Mattes palette I was sent and came  up with this look.

I loved this look SO much. The glitter blew my mind. I was not expecting it to be so amazing. It looks white in the container and applied almost teal. It's STUNNING. Full video below.

Another too long video? Here's the one minute breakdown. Also, Yes, my foundation was wayyyyy too light, but it was mostly my lighting at the end. FFFFF it. Ya know? ;)

So that's my quick recap. You can shop BH Cosmetics by clicking on the BH link* below! What's your favorite BH products?


BH Cosmetics

*link is an affiliation

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Let's Get Personal | Life Updates and Goals

So let's get personal real quick. I am actually pretty embarrassed by it, but I've gained quite a bit of weight over the last few months. It started with depression and then progressed when I got a new job and schedule and it's just been on a steady incline [of weight] since.

But that stops now. I told myself I wanted to lose ten pounds by the end of the year. That gives me 8 weeks. I can do this! So, in addition to my beauty posts I will be sharing some of my workouts, food diaries, and progress. Don't expect progress pics though! I'm not about that life right now. I've done that before and it adds too much pressure. So instead I am setting mini goals. This month my goal is 5 POUNDS. In addition to the five pound weight loss, I'd really like to work my way back up to a minimum of 100 miles a month. I know I've blogged about this before. I mean, how can I be THE RUNNING LIPSTICK QUEEN if I don't even run anymore...

So since it's the beginning of the month, I'd really like to commit to 50 miles this month. It's a start! Easily two miles a day. Currently my average is a whopping 3 miles a run. What even is that. My friends are constantly giving me a hard time for not thinking that's a lot (they're not runners). In my head all I can think is 'I used to average 7 miles a run...'

Today is the second. Yesterday, my food intake was not great. Mostly because I was eating so much leftover candy! But as far as breakfast, lunch, and dinner, I wasn't terrible. And yes, I did workout. I went straight to the gym after work. It wasn't the best workout, but it was a workout. To be fair, I JUST started a new Nike training program and it only called for a mile and a half run.

This is what the rest of this week's schedule looks like. It's pretty upsetting to start from the beginning. To be honest, I very much enjoy Benchmark runs. They involve you running at a moderate pace for seven minutes, nothing crazy, but then you run really really fast for 3 minutes. The final 5 minutes are your cool down and to be walked or jogged. Piece of cake. I kinda want to see if I can get three miles in total. That means after my benchmark another 1.5-2 miles. 

My ultimate goal is to run a half marathon in the Spring. Up until now, I've only ever ran Fall half marathons. I think this is why I slack off somewhere in between Winter and Spring... So it's official. I'm on the hunt and training to do my first Spring (or early Summer) half marathon. 

As for my IG and YouTube goals, I hit my 1k YT goal and I could not be more proud. Now I'd like to hit 1200 by the end of November. Unrealistically, it would be a dream to hit 1.5k on YouTube by the end of the year. I'm laughing because I don't think that's possible for me. Instagram is trickier. If I can just hit 18k by the end of the year, I'll be happy. The unrealistic IG goal for the end of the year would be 20k. Do you follow my social networks yet? 

In a nutshell, I need to run more and find balance in everything I do. I know I can be very successful with my running AND blogging individually, but together? At the same time? That's asking a little too much for this little Gemini. I am pretty determined though. I love a good challenge!


Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Derma E x SunKissAlba Whole Foods Favorites Box!

Hello everyone!

Today's post is dedicated to an amazing box of goodies! Derma E partnered with SunKissAlba, a lifestyle and natural beauty YouTuber, to curate a box for a good cause. I was very generously gifted one of these boxes for review and I could not be more excited!

This box included all of SunKissAlba's favorites and the proceeds went to an amazing cause. More specifically, the Special Olympics! I think that is beyond amazing and makes my heart so full and this box 1000% worth it. You can watch the original SunKissAlba video here.

First of all, when you open the box you will be whisked away by it's amazing smell. I'm not kidding! Every post I saw about this box confirms this. You are more than welcome to search the #SunKissAlba tag to see all the beautiful posts related. Anyway, moving on! This box was filled with so many amazing goodies I had no idea where to start.

The one thing that stood out to me most was the Radiant Glow Face Oil. I had already heard so many amazing things about it and it was created in collaboration with Derma E by SunKissAlba herself!

Okay, so if you know me, you KNOW I love Derma E oils. They're so light and don't clog my pores and I genuinely feel like my skin looks its best when I'm using them. This SunKissAlba oil was no exception. It was INCREDIBLE. It's a face and body and has the perfect amount of shimmer. I mean, I love shimmer so much that when I say I'm OBSESSED, you know I'm actually obsessed. 

So this oil sells for $22.50 alone and can be purchased here. It's usually sold out, but as I type this, it is available and in stock! To be honest, this oil alone sells the box for me. But let's show you the rest.

I wanted to do something different for this unboxing. I wanted to share everything in it, by actually USING it all. So I created a little video to break it down for you. Watch the video below. 

Love love love!!! Everything in the Whole Foods @dermae x @sunkissalba Box is amazing. It was all perfect for a night time routine. The @pachasoap smells like absolute HEAVEN. The second I opened this box I was in heaven. 😍🀀 Everything included from start to finish was the Derma E headband (which I've used in so many videos already πŸ˜…), Derma E Purifying Daily Detox Scrub (it was so light on the face!), Derma E Nourishing Rose Cleansing Oil, Derma E Radiant Glow Face Oil (which I am LIVING FOR!!! Y'all need it!!), @ecotools Dry Brush (to exfoliate and detoxify the skin), @pacificabeauty Waikiki Pikaki Roll On, @juicebeauty Organic Solution Lip gloss, @mineralfusionnaturalbrands Nail Polish!! This nail polish dried SO quickly I was beyond impressed. And last but not least mini Derma E hair ties. Process from this box were donated to the Special Olympics. If you can find it still, you need it! #dermae #dermaeambassador #sunkissalba #wholefoods #naturalmakeup #favorites #pachasoap #radiantglow #pacificbeauty #juicebeauty #mineralsinfusion #ecotools #naturalbeauty #selflove #skincare #latinablogger #makeupdolls #makeupfanatic1 #instaglam
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The only item I couldn't exactly use on camera was the PACHA soap, but I've been using it everyday since and LOVE it! It smells like heaven, leaves my skin feeling smooth and clean. ($6.00)

The headband and hair ties came in the box but I didn't see them online. I always get them at Gen Beauty and they're the best!

The Derma E Purifying Detox Scrub was so gentle on the skin. It's no wonder you can use it every day. Charcoal is SO good for the skin and this scrub helps you remove impurities and reap benefits. ($15.50) 

Okay, so the Nourishing Rose Cleansing Oil could have been used before the Scrub, or alone, but I like the added oil to my face after I scrub. Because I am prone to breakouts, the more oils left on my face, the better! This was something I picked up on from blogs and forums and recommendations. I am most definitely not a dermatologist though so do your research! ($17.99)

Now let's talk about this Eco Tools Dry Brush because I. LOVE. IT. It gently exfoliates the skin before you jump in the shower or even before you oil up like I did. I've read some people have used it in the shower too! To each their own, but it's definitely worth the $6.

The Pacifica Beauty Waikiki Pikake Roll On was the perfect addition to my backpack. I'm a sucker for easy to apply perfumes. This scent was so light and faded to a lovely scent. I'm the kind of girl that likes to roll a dab of perfume behind my ear before bed to give myself the sweetest of dreams! ($12.00) 

I was pleased the Juice Beauty Organic Lip Gloss was NOT sticky and full of unwanted scent. It was light on the lips and even left a slight tint. ($22.00)

The last thing in the box was something that blew my mind. It was a simple ol' nail polish. This wasn't just any nail polish though, this was the Mineral Fusion Nail Care Polish. This was the fastest drying nail polish I've used in a very long time! That made me so happy. I am the queen of making nail polish only last three days so when it comes to doing my nails before recording, timing is everything! I found it hard to believe when I painted my nails and realized they were dry only a few minutes later. This nail polish is magical! I go through nail polish changes quite often so it was refreshing to come across this polish. ($8.00)

And that's it! That's the box breakdown. I had no complaints. There isn't anything I won't use again. And as I mentioned before, the proceeds went to the Special Olympics which is an amazing benefit. The box contents total way more than the price of the box. The box sold for $30 and is currently no longer available, but I would keep an eye out. JUST IN CASE!!

What do you think? Amazing box for an amazing cause? YES!! As I mentioned above, watch the original SunKissAlba video here.


Saturday, October 28, 2017

Atomic Makeup NYC | Formerly Lonely Planet Swatch and Review

It's Friday so a Flashback Friday (okay maybe it's a day late) is acceptable, right?

Okay well here's one anyway. So as y'all know, I am a huge Indie brand supporter. The Indier the better. Well, last year I did a review on the Lonely Planet Cosmetics liquid lipsticks and people loved it! I mean, how could they not? They quickly became one of my absolute favorite indie brands for liquid lipstick. Read the review and why here.

Now let's fast forward to 2017. The former Lonely Planet Cosmetics is now Atomic Makeup NYC!! They have been rebranded and repackaged and moved on from Etsy to bigger and better things. And by that, of course I mean THEIR OWN WEBSITE! They can now be found here. They're still VERY affordable and sell for $13!! This is truly a unique formula with an amazing range of shades.

I was very generously sent 9 shades to test, swatch and review. To be honest, I was so excited to share swatches I ended up posting to my snap and IG story immediately. BUT, I did get high res swatches and posted to my IG feed that night. Check them out below.

Stunning and PERFECT for fall, amirite? Honestly not a shade I wouldn't wear in the fall. They're all SO. DANG. PRETTY!! So I went ahead and swatched them all. For reference, in this video I am wearing N50 foundation from Cover FX. ♥

Would you wear these shades? Don't forget to show the little brands love! They are always the one to surprise me most.